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What is Springboard?

  • Jan 09, 2015

Springboard has been misdefined in some sources and lack of knowledge can lead to wrongly illustrated guidance, before attempting to make changes on your Springboard settings you need to know exactly what it is, some people think that springboard is the home screen of the iPhone, in fact it is an application used to control the user interface and the home screen. In deeper explanation Springboard manages back-end processes such as starting WindowServer, bootstrapping applications, controlling start up functions on your device. It manages Spotlight search and controls the icon wiggles when they are selectable.

When all this information is available to the users they acknowledge better the risks associated of any action they take and become more cautious when changing Springboard Settings since it is a simple task to alter things that you would not estimate the reflections and consequences in full. Hidden7Settings allows you tweak the Springboard to a fine degree from how folders look to how screen fades by your chosen preferences. Implementing changes slowly would be the recommendation since understanding what has been changed may take a while and consecutive changes may cause you problems later.

Dont forget to Install and Use Hidden Springboard Settings Tweak in iOS

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