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Using Retina Flash of iPhone 6/6s to take Live Selfies

  • Oct 06, 2015

iPhone 6s brought a great feature to us within the Camera Application called Live Selfies. Users are able to have selfie spree and upload them on their social media accounts. iPhone 6s is the latest released iPhone and obviously the features added on this version had been stunning, for some it was more than expected level of improvement and innovations that may have been released by Apple.

I will be listing different uses of Camera App of iPhone 6s, using retina flash, taking or viewing live selfies are the main features to discuss.

Steps to take Live Selfies on iPhone 6s/6s Plus

We have the direct effect of 3D Touch and the features it is associated with in new iPhone 6s, we certainly do not feel the need to access Camera app from Siri or ordinary tapping of Home Screen Camera App.

Step 1. Pressing firmly on your Camera App icon will provide 4 options for you which are; Take Selfie, Record Video, Record Slo-Mo and Take Photo. After the firm tap on Camera App when options appear on the screen you will see the other apps will be blurred that is absolutely normal.

Step 2. Press Take Selfie option but before you process this Live option needs to be activated, The option is located at the centre of five options provided on the top of screen.

Step 3. Please press the Live option to make it on.

Step 4. Finally you are ready to take Live Selfies, Enjoy.

As a deep note the Live Selfies are captures by your Camera App for 1.5 seconds.

Steps to use Retina Flash and how it works on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

When lightning of the location you would like to use your camera is not convenient to take nice photos you will need Flash but Retina Flash is different than what it was provided to us before as Flash on our iPhones, it’s brighter and more effective to take the selfies you would like to capture.

Step 1. Tap on Camera App and activate switch from rear to front to take selfie.

The Retina Flash uses the latest technology to enhance the quality and brightness of photos taken but the flash itself is not LED light as some claimed, it is only much powerful flash used than previous version of iPhones.

Steps to Practice Viewing Live Selfies on iPhone 6/6s Plus

Step 1. Tap on Photos app on your 6s and Tap on Albums then tap on Selfies

Step 2. Find all the Live Photos you took and press firmly on the photo you selected.

When you do select the preferred photo you will realize a blurriness on your screen happened for a very short period and your Live Photo will be displayed. The difficulty of selecting Live and Normal Photos have been a point users made but the best separating feature is the animated view of Live Photos when you swipe between them.

Sharing Live Selfies from iPhone 6/6s Plus

In today’s world we all love sharing our moments, experiences and photos with our friends, family and relatives instantly with the internet in our hands. Here are the steps to share your Live Selfies;

Step 1. Tap on Photos to launch them then tap on the Live Selfie you would like to share.

Step 2. Tap on the Share option on your device.

Then you are ready to choose the platform you would like to share your Live Selfie and hopefully the number of likes and shares will be success.

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