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Using evad3rs to Jailbreak your iPad and iPad Mini for iOS 7 and iOS 7.0.5

  • Jan 24, 2015

We have been eagerly waiting for the release of evasi0n7 to jailbreak devices operating on iOS 7 and iOS 7.0.5 by evad3rs.

In this article we will be presenting you a step by step guidance to explain how to jailbreak your iPad or iPad Mini running iOS 7 or iOS 7.0.5 using evasi0n for Mac and Windows operating systems.

Before we start the process of jailbreaking please be aware of the following notes:

- The guidance is prepared for iPad or iPad Mini users. IPhone users can use this link, and iPod touch users can use this link.

- The jailbreak of evasi0n is untethered.

- Evasi0n supports the devices iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, non-retina iPad mini.

- The iTunes installed on your device should be the latest version and make sure you have updated before you start jailbreaking.

- Remember to back up your iPad to iCloud or iTunes before proceeding to jailbreak.

- If your backup is encrypted, please disable it temporarily by unchecking the “Encrypt iPad backup” option in your iTunes. After successful completion of the jailbreak Steps you will need to go back and enable it.

- Warranty of your device may be revoked due to jailbreaking please be aware of this and perform the jailbreak on your own risk.

- Please do not consider jailbreaking to pirate apps from Apple Store as it is not intended to serve this purpose.

- As we are aware some users have been experiencing problems with this version and if you may find it difficult to deal with bug fixes you better wait for the newer version to be released by evad3ers.

STEP1. Create a folder on your desktop named “evasi0n” and please download the latest version of evasi0n jailbreak evasi0n7 from this link to your evasi0n folder.

STEP2. To extract the application to your evasi0n file please double click on the downloaded file and navigate to the evasi0n application to launch it. If you are using Windows to launch the application you need to run the exe. File as an administrator similar to any other download.

STEP3. When evasi0n launched you will be asked to connect your iPad.

STEP4. Setting→General→Passcode lock on→Turn Passcode off

By using these small setting changes you will disable the passcode lock function and in jailbreak process you need to have the passcode lock disabled to not to fail the jailbreak.

STEP5. As you disabled the passcode function you can now connect your iPad to the computer, the evasion will detect your device and the iOS firmware promptly. Click on the jailbreak button.

STEP6. Since jailbreak process started the tool will provide you updates on various stages of the jailbreak as follows:

- Retrieving remote package

- Uploading jailbreak data

- Injecting evasion app (1/2)

- Injecting evasion app (2/2)

- Configuring system (1/2)

- Configuring system (2/2)

- Rebooting device

You shouldn’t start the iTunes or Xcode while the process is continuing this is the stage where you need to be patient and wait until all process is finished.

STEP 7. Very close to completion, after rebooting has completed you will receive a message asking you to unlock your iPad but please be careful and do not close the evasi0n application.

STEP 8. Unlocking your iPad you need to tap on the Evasi0n7 app that you see with the Evasi0n 7 icon on your homescreen.

STEP 9. When Evasi0n 7 app launched the screen will be completely white and reboot again.

STEP 10. Now all the stages left to complete your jailbreak will be performed on your iPad. At completion you will need to reboot and you will observe a large logo of Evasi0n informing you the updates of stages being initialized on your device as follows:

- Reading kernel

- Calculating offsets

- Setting up packages

- Setting up Cydia

- Continuing with boot

STEP 11. This is the last stage and one last reboot of your device will be required. After all this you have successfully jailbroken your iPad and you will find Cydia on your homescreen, it may not be on the first page so don’t panic and search for it on other pages.

As a dip note, it is safe to restart the process if any stage you get stuck in the middle, you may hold down the hold and home button to shut down as usual and rerun the process. If you have recently upgraded to iOS 7.x using OTA option or iTunes where you are experiencing problems running the jailbreak process with Evasi0n you need to try a full restore using iTunes and then try jailbreaking again to see if it works.

The jailbreak application and tweaks relying on Mobile Substrate might have problems with evasi0n7 on iOS 7, in order to prevent this you need to make sure the tweaks are iOS 7 compatible.

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