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Untethered Jailbreaking with TaiG for iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.4

  • Oct 08, 2015

The tutorial is going to be valid for all Apple devices operating in iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.4 range and new updates will be added as released and announced to be ready to download. Taig Team has given this Jailbreak update for iOS 8 some time ago already and we presume they are working on newer versions of iOS at the moment and we are all eager to hear the progress. Jailbreaking has unique characteristics and all the time we advise to users to take a full back-up of their devices before starting to jailbreak process. In the case that your device needs to be upgraded to iOS 8.3 for jailbreak we recommend Data-Backup Upgrade Mode of TaiG pro that will support you well to reach the point you need without loss of any data in your device. You may download the Taig Pro from the link below:


Step 1

After you back up and fully ready to start jailbreaking please click on the link and download the binary file and save it to your computer.

For windows operating system the link is res.taig.com/installer/TaiGJBreak_2430.zip

For Apple software operating systems the link is res.taig.com/installer/mac/TaiGjailbreak_V110.dmg

Step 2

Find my iPhone or Passcode lock needs to be disabled for jailbreak to succeed, please follow the steps promptly.

Turn off passcode and Find My iPhone:

To turn off passcode,

Tap on Settings > Passcode > Enter your passcode > Turn Passcode Off > Enter your passcode.

To turn off Find My iPhone,

Tap on Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone > Select to turn off.

Step 3

You can now start to jailbreak process. Simply open TaiG Jailbreak Tool and have your device connected to your computer.

Step 4

Click on Start to jailbreak option. You need to keep your device well connected and wait patiently. It is recommended that you install and start using the 3K assistant after your jailbreak is completed, it will help for the unlimited Apps, Games, Plug-ins and many others to be at your fingertips with a simple click.

If you experienced any issue during the jailbreak please let us know. Good luck and smooth jailbreaking.

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