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Today Widget Support Added to the Launch Center Pro

  • Oct 01, 2015

The founder of Contrast has announced that the Launch Center Pro has hit its 2.5 version, on the 15th of September of 2015 and one of the updates that will be included on the app is the “Today widget” that will be successfully incorporated into the notification center as well as support from several thousands of other applications. With Today Widget, the users of Launch Center Pro will be able to initiate actions without the need to open the app first. Currently, the Launch Center Pro will allow a user to design and execute several actions on iPhone and iPad, at the same time and from one place. Now, you can open a camera on Instagram and at the same time initiate a new Omni Focus activity.

Launch Center Pro will now have Today Widget when it is released on September 15th, 2015, and the widget will be made available as a free update. There is an update being designed presently for iPad device.  The widget will give you access to a number of faster operations, as well as provide better game hits. The widget will provide support for more than 100,000 apps, and also comes with compatibility with IOS 9, therefore new IOS 9 users don’t have to worry about operating the app on their iDevices.

Every day, dozens of new apps are initiated, and upgraded and users are becoming frustratingly finding it difficult to keep up with such new releases. With Today Widget it is easier to pick out the best of apps from among numerous apps. With the new widget, you can now use amazon music and Infinity Pro much easier. The widget also offers excellent support for IFTTT as well as several other location-based actions. Location triggers and supports are essential especially for those that are always busy with academic stuffs and social media platforms that incorporate location-based features.

The new Today widget on Launch Center Pro offers support for QR and barcode scanning systems, thus you can use the app to scan product barcodes and enter such for retrieving your discount codes and other sales discount immediately. The widget also provides a custom notification sound that helps you identify what app needs your attention.

Launch Center pro has functionality similar to apps like Workflow however the addition of the new widget takes Launch Center Pro step further from the rest. The widget will allow you create new shortcuts that can help you unlock certain features that are buried in other apps, for instance, opening your camera directly from your Instagram was impossible before the introduction of Today Widget. For this reason, Launch Center Pro is fast becoming more popular with smartphone users who are constantly searching for quick launch apps.

The new Widget on Launch Center Pro has made the app act like a speed dial for your everyday task; it simply launches complex apps, helping you to save precious time.

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