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The new Always Forward WatchOS Notification Tweaks will take care of your messages on Apple Watch

  • Sep 17, 2015

If you use Apple watch on regular base, you definitely remember that it will only send notification for messages at what time your iPhone has been locked. Your message will not show up if on the wearable device if your iPhone is still in use or wide open under any circumstance.  With the invention of the new Forward/WatchOS/Notification Tweaks, the problem of not getting message notifications when your iPhone is unlocked , has been take care of, therefore every notice you get will be displayed immediately regardless of whether your iPhone is protected or not switched on.

Your message notifications will be clearly displayed on the two devices to ensure that you do not miss out on key alerts. It makes sense if message notifications are not displayed on the screen while you are using your iPhone for other purposes, but many users will still prefer their message notifications appear on the two devices, especially when they use their Apple watch to manage their message notifications.

Cydia offers the new Always/Forward/WatchOS/Notification/Tweak, for free.

Clearing all message notification from your Apple watch

Apple watch is designed for many purposes and one of such is to act as a notification device. It is quite convenient on your wrist and it can help you check your messages without pulling out your iPhone from your pocket. This watch can become crowded with notifications and you may have to delete each message one by one manually. Fortunately, there is an easy way of deleting all pending notifications on your watch. You need to keep in mind that clearing all notifications on your Apple watch also means they will be cleared off your iPhone too and that could be an added advantage.

How to remove all pending notifications from your Apple watch

Step 1: When there are more than a single pending notification on your iPhone, simply swipe your finger down the face of your Apple watch to gain access to the Notification center.

Step 2: Simply Force-press on any of the notifications that you intend to clear and then the Apple watch will immediately display a message “Clear All”. Tap on the Clear All button to delete all the alerts and they will be automatically be deleted from the Apple watch and iPhone.

Step 3:  To delete a single message, simply swipe down on the face of the watch to bring out the Notification center.

Step 4: Scroll through to bring out the notification you want to delete and swipe on it from left to right

Step 5: Click on the “X” button to clear it and the notification will be deleted immediately.

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