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The most rated iPad presentation Apps for presentations and meetings

  • Sep 17, 2015

Your iPad could be your best gadget especially when making power point and keynote slides presentations in general consumers had the feeling that it is not for use of this purpose but that approach is changing rapidly. There are numerous applications to choose from with each having unique features to compare. Whether you are a higher education student or a business guru, here are some of the best apps you can use in your brainstorming sessions and significant meetings;

SlideShare app

SlideShare is one of the best platforms where you can share your presentations online and it comes with amazing features. This app is also available on iOS devices, and it can give you access to explore millions of presentations on your iPad. If you find it difficult reading your presentation, you have the option to save and watch the offline later. You can also share your presentations on social media to make your friends learn about what is in trend and popular. This app is available for free for users to download.


This is an app that lets you create a presentation on your iPhone. It comes with some extraordinary slide templates that creates amazing presentations and also provides access to some stock images. This app provides an excellent way to personalize your presentation with the best theme editors that suit your style.  You can also download this app for free and would strongly recommend you to try it.


Regardless of whether you are inserting texts, videos, images or audio contents in your presentation, this app will let you do anything on your iPad. You can keep your presentation private or share with anyone and your files can also be synchronized into a cloud storage system where you can view them any time. FlowVella app is also available free of charge and many users recommend this app without hesitation according to our opinion.


Keynote is one of the apps used by Steve Jobs- the originator of iPad, iPhone and other similar devices. Keynote is simply the default presentation app on iPad, and it is the best option in creating the most amazing presentations. Windows device users may require some fixation or adaptation connectivity to use this app and the app is available for just $9.99. There had been a reson this app had been prefered by Steve Jobs, it is easy to use and just does the job as supposed to in addition to the simplicity performance is outstanding.

Microsoft PowerPoint

The Microsoft PowerPoint is by far the most popular for creating presentations and it is exclusively built as a desktop app where you can import and design files . With Microsoft PowerPoint, you can edit your files on your iPad. Features such as in-built laser can make your presentation even more impressive. It also comes with intuitive user interface that makes it simple, no other had been this popular and presumably this will always be a point of preference.

Haiku Deck

This is a simple yet elegant app built for iPads. Though it lacks some features such as share lists, and some advanced aesthetics but its intuitive and simple design makes it preferred and it is available for free.


This is a powerful app that can help you present in PDFs, HTML and web page files. This app also supports all PowerPoint files without changing their fonts or image sizes. It comes with social sharing features and it is available for free.

Power Presenter

If you are looking for a way to link your iPad to your Apple TV or another presenting platform then you should consider the Power Presenter app. It is rich in features, thus it supports PDFs, HTMLs and many more. With this app, you can highlight and create marks on the screen, on your iPad wghich is the main reason for many to choose to download the Power Presenter.


This is a revolutionary app that allows you create presentations and even let your audience interact with your presentations. It offers simple and elegant interfaces and it can be downloaded for free.

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