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The Best new Apple TV apps confirmed

  • Oct 03, 2015

Apple store is a wonderful addition to the new Apple TV, and the new addition will definitely make Apple TV even become more functional. Here are some of the confirmed apps for the Apple TV before it is officially released in October 2015. Aside the new apps to be released, there are quite a number of several other apps on Apple’s consumer’s wish lists. Some of the new products announced recently are the new iPhone 6s and 6plus that will come with live photos and 3D Touch alongside the new super-size iPad Pro , new iPad Mini and the ultimate new Apple TV.

One of the most recent updates on the new Apple TV is the new UI re-designed interface where TvOS will be taken online using the IOS 9 style. The two main talking points for the Apple TV are App store and Siri.  The Siri can be asked to perform a number of things just the way it is used on iPhone, these include; weather updates and status of your favorite football team. The new Siri on Apple TV will also allow you to search iTunes for music, and Netflix for new movies, and at the same time the new Siri can be asked to rewind a movie by u to 15 seconds and even show subtitles.


The new Apple TV store app will make a huge impact on the Apple TV, it will provide users with on-demand apps including “All4”, and “BBC iPlayer”, and games. Here are some of the best new Apple TV apps that have been confirmed for release in October, 2015 include;


Plex app founder has confirmed that there will be a Plex app specially designed for Apple TV, and this app will enable users to surf and stream a number of movies, music and TV shows wirelessly to the Apple TV.  There will be multiple ways to access the new Flex app, and this will be based on the Apple TV OS –SDK. The stuff has been tested and it is expected to perform excellently on the Apple TV platform.

VLC Player

The new VLC player is another app expected on Apple TV however the announcement of this app gives a little indication on what users should expect. VLC app developers have announced that the app comes with an in-built VLCKit code and will come with a video playback.


Airbnb is a top accommodation booking site and has decided to develop an app for Apple TV. The user interface of this app seem compatible with TvOS , and it makes the app appear as an extension  of the software itself rather than a third party software. With this app, users can browse available accommodation that can be rented all across the world, in an immersive and simplistic way. Though it is impossible to book a room from the Apple TV but you can add your favorite rooms to your wish list.

Aside from the top three apps mentioned above, other apps that can be expected on Apple TV include; Hulu, HBO, YouTube, CNN Go, Showtime, and Disney Channel.

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