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The best Inventory management apps on iPad for Business

  • Sep 17, 2015

Small and large businesses need to manage inventories, and when you are starting out, you probably don’t have enough money to spend on inventory management software. There are some amazing inventory management apps available on iPad thus there may not be a need to go for a full-featured inventory software until you expand your business.

If you deal with lots of products and services, Inventory management could be a difficult task to handle. Having an iPad may be all you need to handle a management inventory like a professional and the top inventory apps are highlighted below;

Goods Order Inventory

This app is one of the best options if you find it difficult to handle sales and accounting issues. This app is available on iPad and iPhone and it is ideal for individual and small businesses. You can find several modules on this app via your iPhone, these are; Order, products, Category, sales, Inventory, and reporting module. The app is available for free.

Simple Inventory management

This app comes with basic modules, and you can add other items in Sales, and purchase areas. You can capture bills in the app by taking pictures; likewise you can scan a bar code and then categorize all items within the app. You don’t have to login here, and the app is only compatible with IOS 7 and newer versions and it is available for free.

Inventory Now

If you need more than a basic Inventory app then you should consider Inventory Now. This is an inventory tracking app that perfectly synchronizes your inventories and also provides some amazing features that you can find on full desktop app. While the basic version is free, the Pro version of this app costs about $9.99.

On Shelf

This is a simple but feature-rich Inventory app, available on the iPad. The app is compatible with IOS 7 and newer versions and has an easy interface with complete information. With simple and elegant tracking features you can complete volume stock inventory, analytics and reports, and inventory movements and much more. Importing options and adding items to your inventory is much simpler here than any other app.


This is an amazing app with lots of advance inventory management features. It is very interactive and that is why it is preferable, and you don’t have to fill up many inventories here. This hefty and feature-packed app will cost up to $99 a month but its features cannot be found in other apps- it feels like a person is handling your inventory for you. With this app, you don’t have to pay an inventory manager.

Retail Inventory

This is a free inventory management app that is designed for iPhones and iPads. This app comes with features such as “Cashier Live” that takes care of everything once you enter the required details. Barcode scanning system is also available here to make inventory management simpler.

Stock Control

This app can best be described as a “Visual inventory management software” which makes it more of a data version of a show room where you can just enter product and inventory details and the app simply controls all aspects of your inventory management. This app is available for free.

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