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The Best and Most Stunning Add-ons from Camera Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 to iOS 8.4

  • Oct 03, 2015

Apple’s stock camera app have been excellent, however they can still be empowered the more with some cool Cydia tweaks. Excellent tweaks with great features will tempt you to go extra miles especially when it comes to customizing your iPhone and iPad’s camera app. In case you have jail-broken your device, you will find some of the most appealing Cydia tweaks add-ons that will make your iPhone camera more functional.

The best Camera Cydia Tweaks for your iOS 8 device

QuickShoot Pro

This is a powerful camera tweak that allows you to capture videos and photos directly from their home screens. You don’t have to launch this app , just tap on the icon on the home screen and it  automatically captures the photos and videos. Configuration options this app provides you include; HDR and Flash and it works perfectly well with IOS 6 and newer versions.


This app provides some flash in front of the camera, therefore it illuminates your photos by flashing the screen to provide maximum brightness. You can also configure the Photo and video mode as well as the colour settings. This app is compatible with iOS 5 and newer versions.  This app is compatible with iOS 5 and newer versions.


Grabby is another smart Cydia tweak that gives you quick and easy access to your apps right from your lock screen. It supports activator options, and gives you quick access to any app you want to launch.

CameraTweak HD

This app has been optimized solely for iPad, and it enhances the stock camera app in order to capture better videos and photos . Other features you can find here include exposure views, separate focus, lapse timer mode, and composition overlay. This app provides attractive pictures and provides a perfect HD view for your camera. This tweak is available for only $0.99.

Burst Mode

Taking photos in Burst mode is very amazing. This feature is already available on iPhone 6 and 6 plus, and it is an app that helps you capture excellent photos and videos , with great precision. You can configure this tweak from your iPhone setting. The app is available on iPhone 5 and newer versions.


The Effects+ is the ideal app if you want to add some special filters . This is an automatic app with more than 25 filters, including Bloom, Gloom, Vibrance, Mirrors and Sepia effects. This tweak provides numerous configuration options and you can set the required parameters that meet you photos and video demands. This tweak is compatible with IOS 7 and newer versions.


FlipCam is helpful when you find it difficult to switch from rear to front camera. Just tap this small icon and you can switch from one camera to another and hold on your camera view. This tweak is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit devices. This tweak is also available for free.


The activator gesture on this tweak allows you take pictures anywhere. Simply drag this camera app anywhere on your phone screen and this tweak will do the rest. This tweak is compatible with IOS 7 and newer versions.

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