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  • by Yas KULTUR
  • in
  • on Oct 05, 2015
FlipControlCenter Tweak Updated for iOS 8 Best tweak to Customize your Control Center TogglesAnother great tweak developed by Ryan Petrich has been updated for jaibreakers of iOS 8 users. FlipControlCenter has been a center of attention due to features of adding more toggles to your settings and place them on the top row of Control Center, the arrangement of toggles will also be completely customizable. FlipControlCenter tweak allows you to access new toggles and offers quick launch options such as Respring, Auto Lock, VPN, Hotspot, Location Services, 3G, Flashlight or many others. Main differentiation of FlipControlCenter is that is very fun to use and you can create your personality even in arrangements of toggles some users combine tweaks to create a complete make over on their devices.