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  • by Yas KULTUR
  • in
  • on Oct 05, 2015
F.Lux Tweak to Protect your Eyes from Unadjusted Brightness to the Time of Day has been Updated as F.Lux BetaExperience of over brightness on your iPhone’s screen to view a notification on your Home Screen led many users to choose F.Lux as soon as it had been available for iOS 4. After recognising people with this blue flash in a pub or restaurant with dimmed lightning the tweak had been developed to draw the attention lower to the users in darker places and protect the eyes. F.Lux had been developed wisely and recognises the sunset to adapt the brightness to the time of the day, if you are approaching sunset the colours will warm up on your screen, and it is not only brightness but also colour which makes a significant difference to our body.