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  • by Yas KULTUR
  • in
  • on Jul 21, 2015
How to Join OS X El Capitan Beta Seed Program: OS X El Capitan for your Mac Available NowApple lets users to test OS X El Capitan on their Macs before it is publicly released coming autumn and if you are a non-developer would like to test the program you need to sign up. The public test allowed by Apple similarly as it was tested in Yosemite last year has been announced in WWDC 2015 the new version of the Mac operating system OS X El Capitan free beta program is already live and you can easily download the beta version of this software by signing up. There are multiple versions still due to Apple engaged in eliminating bugs and glitches but the program will allow you to download and run the beta version of OS X 10.11, by downloading the beta version you can test the program and provide feedback to Apple to reach perfection before the update released publicly.