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StopSend by Sassoty to Disable Send Button in Prompt Auto Correction

  • Jul 30, 2015

This tweak is great if you ever experienced a wrong word texted to someone just because you have had your auto correction in place. It has been developed by Sassoty who is a developer who enjoys what he does, if you do not prefer that auto correction takes control of what you type it basically disallows the correction in texting.

Auto correction in texting can be creating very embarrassing situations and I have had the experience couple of times and since the correction is active in texting it gives a provisional feeling that it speeds up your texting but end up with a different text than what rather had been initially planned to be texted. There are few changes that tweaks requires  as it is still not compatible with new versions in  iOS 8 and we passed this stage long before, idea is great but as I indicated needs updating.

The other prematurity of the tweak is not being compatible with third party keyboards; although it is understandable to a certain level in today’s developments we expect those as a norm of standard. There is a great talent here that just requires orientation in my opinion and thankfully we have developers as Sassoty in the ship but we expect new and more projects to compare. Tweak does not also have an option for any configuration but it basically disables the send button promptly when auto correcting is functioning actively in your texting preventing confusion and embarrassment.

The StopSend tweak is not very popular amongst many of us but it is really a desirable tweak in relation to functionality and convenience of having it. It is available in Cydia store in Beta version, looking at other projects by Sassoty there are a few more exciting ones to discuss and they also worth giving a chance. The tweaks developed by private developers can be quite interesting as StopSend, works efficiently and answers requests of users. If you are experiencing problems in adding a source to your Cydia please click here.

Price: Free

Repo: Private (http://repo.sassoty.com)

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