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SleekCode Tweak for Improved Better Interface of Lock Screen

  • Oct 05, 2015

SleekCode is another BigBoss tweak that allows customization of Lock Screen appearance on your iPhone, iPad or any iDevice. Simple to use and some research only gives us insights that Jailbreakers loved the tweak and created extraordinary themes and different Lock Screens. Users are allowed to change the blur, alpha and passcode rings appearance, slide to unlock chevron and emergency calls only display can also be hidden with this tweak. Configuration of SleekCode is made through a settings panel where you can set your new preferences; there are five different selections switches available for different functions and Respring button placed on the same screen. The selections are independent of each other and you don’t have to activate or make changes to all of them. Every change to be displayed will require a respring as expected and this is the reason the button is placed below the tweaks page so easy completion on configuration.

Minimalist passcode may be of some users hit but it may not always be the chose for everyone, sleeker and unrecognized passcode rings. SleekCode works fine on iOS7 and higher versions and that includes the recently jailbroken iOS 8 devices, you can download the tweak free of charge from BigBoss Repo.

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