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SBFlip Tweak on iOS 8 and plus versions to enable Home Screen Rotation for Unsupported Devices

  • Oct 07, 2015

iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus has ability to rotate the Home Screen’s orientation by changing it from landscape to portrait mode on your device as we used to on our iPads. We know that older devices are incapable of doing this and many of us still use the older versions but lack of this capability should not stop us from having the option to add it later on, here the tweak SBFlip get on the scene, if you have a jailbroken device on iOS 8 and would like your device to act just similar to 6/6s or 6/6s Plus version of iPhones in relation to rotation of your Home Screen then you better get the SBFlip tweak on your Cydia.

In simple wording the tweak enables screen rotation on unsupported devices and be no different to iPhone 6 or 6s Plus in this function. You will be able to rotate your device’s home screen from portrait to landscape node on your iPhone 6, iPhone 5s/5c or any other older versions operating on iOS8. SBFlip comes with 2 flip styles named Dynamic Dock and Stationary Dock.

Dynamic Dock remains at the bottom of the screen when rotation performed similar to iPad, but Stationary Dock style means rotation the dock also as soon as screen is rotated and the dock will appear on the right side of the screen rather than bottom of the screen. SBFlip is not only available for iPhones but also iPads if you prefer your dock to appear on the right hand side when your Home Screen is rotated to Landscape mode.

A new pane will be added to the stock setting app of your device when SBFlip is downloaded this is the main location where you can enable or disable the tweak or make the choice of Dynamic or Stationary Dock presentation. All selections made will require the device to Respring to be activated so users can see the changes took place.

In our personal experience we have tested it on a iPhone 6 and it works just fine and it is not different than using 6 Plus. I presume trying it on a smaller screen size might give us a different experience since the lack of space on the screen might be a problem and apps may start to overlap one another but I will see how it goes and if you tried it please share your opinions on that.

SBFlip is a recommended Cydia Tweak that works on iOS 8 and can be downloaded from BigBoss repository in Cydia for free of charge. Please bear in mind that tweak supports iOS 8 and upper version operating system installed devices.

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