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Rumours about iPhone 7 Release Date and New Features to Expect

  • Jul 15, 2015

There has been already a lot of rumours about iPhone 7 release date where we only had the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 plus options, you will be seeing a lot of images that iPhone 7 will look like or the n new features that can be experienced in the new iPhone 7.Although it has been only a short time for the recent releases the rumours never end so I decided to check what is going on out there or realistically what to expect from the new iPhone 7 presumed to be launched. The officially confirmation in relation to the storage boost has been daunting the thought that we might even get a better larger storage option but unfortunately that is not planned by Apple but the reason relying beneath is that iOS 9 will not require the boost of storage.

In Worldwide developers conference of 2015 in the short name known as WWDC every attendant of the conference has been expecting some clues about how it will look like or what it will feature compared to the already launched models but unfortunately not much information leaked about the feature iPhone as rumoured all around. In WWDC usually all software partners and the names of media get together and the event houses a presentation of new products and services of Apple but as unusually the new iOS and OS X has demonstrated but no detail provided on the new hardware as expected the new iPhone 7 but still WWDC has excited everyone by the new announcements.

If we summarise them under main concept Apple Music has been one the most significant; it is the music streaming service that all users were after, it is available for iOS, OS X , Windows and iTunes. It opens the doors for unsigned artists also by allowing them share their music; it has a feature that allows people to recommend users artists, songs and sharing their experiences. Everything simple available in iTunes can be streamed. There is an area named “Connect” which enables artists to share their video clips, songs and all they would like to publicize to share with their fans and followers.

Accessibility to all songs in iTunes creates very wide options which I believe the users will have difficulty choosing what to listen or watch. It does not end with this the new radio station which features known name of radio industry Zane Lowe is also on board. The radio station is based in Los Angeles, London and New York will be lively reaching listeners switching from one another at specific times 24 hours of the day.

Above the taps at the bottom of the application the new added Mini player feature is also a star to mention in the new design, Apple Music will also be recommend to you the music songs that you might like to listen if you register and make your preferences, a genius will keep you open to a whole data that you may never experience before. Apple also provides a free option to try before you sign up for the service, I would assume all of us will give it a go and alongside the single user option there is also family sharing option at a reduced cost.
OS X El Captain has also been the jewel announcement of WWCD 2015, latest update announced focuses on performance most probably you have already seen the option to swipe that deletes emails or highly improved spotlight search to be able to monitor the search results in resizable and mobile windows and we can now pin popular sites in Safari.
SplitView similar to AeroSnap in Windows 8 has also been offered ion OS X El Captain update with other features to help you organise OS X. Spaces Bar has been made more functional by offering ease to create and manage multiple desktops.

We had metal graphics technology that has been announced in iOS 8 and it is also being added to the OS X, we see the difference in the recent update, it allows developed illustrations of details added to the game performance. Processor performance has also been strengthened to enable some applications to run smoothly and better, by these features Apple states that it is possible to achieve 50% more satisfactory performance for Mac users. Adobe made the statement that it is committed to adapting to Metal for its Cloud applications. If you would like to know more about metal please follow the link Metal guide and the advantageous for Mac gamers.

The OS X El Captain has been made available to developers already and in July consumers promised to be able to download the update, if you would like to join please see How to join OS X El Captain Beta Seed Program

iOS 9 has been one of the most popularly watched concept of WWDC and in iOS 9 the exixting features has been mostly concentrated than the new ones, one of the best examples to this would be Siri, Apple confirms that it has been 40% percent faster than last year handling more than a billion requests every week but the main difference in iOS 9 that can be recognised is Siri has become easier to use since it adapts to your choices and contextually aware of your habits which results in your Siri experience becoming more convenient and easier to use, it is amazing though if you prefer to listen music when you commute to work as soon as the device detects your headphones in the music app opens up automatically. iOS 9 also claimed to be increasing your iPhone 6 battery life one hour compared to the previous systems although that is impressive it is not considered to be enough Apple introduces a battery saving mode that closes no significant applications down to keep your iPhone going extra 3 more hours, the well admired feature of iOS 9 shows its effects in iPad with split screen applications for multitasking similar to features available in Windows and some Android operated devices. On the built in on screen keyboard a trackpad has been introduced accessible by placing 2 fingers on the keyboard enables fine control over the cursor in addition to quick application switching.

Apple Pay, sensational new payment system entered our lives and also available in the UK right now, maybe not all but most of the recognized banks have been supporting the Apple day since it evolved, 70 percent of debit and credit card providers has already accepted to work with Apple Pay. In the UK Apple Pay will be compatible with TfL and will enable to use your iPhone or Apple watch to travel in London. The other brands that seem to be cooperating with Apple Pay is ranging from Mc Donald’s, Boots, Costa, Starbucks, JD, Pret a Manger, Marks and Spencer’s and many others.
Apple Maps has also been brought to another level by providing step by step public transport directions and updates in 10 cities around the world already and gives all needed details from which station entrance or exit to walking time to the destination.

Apart from Maps News is a new iOS app to be used instead of Newsstand Application of Apple, some users call it Flipboard Killer since it shows similarities as articles presentation to be clean and animations to be set at high standards along with photo galleries and videos. You can choose your favourite publication and get personalized feed, the initial launch of the application based on US, UK and Australia for the time being. In WWDC 2015 there haven’t been significant updates on the HomeKit apart from already known ability to control home used devices such as lights, locks, blinds and central heating or air-conditioning in fact it can also be now controlled by Siri on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

So far there is one more thing to mention from WWDC 2015; the new WatchOS 2, newly announced software for the Apple Watch, which provides better service, faster performance, reduced bugs and it will available for consumers in the coming Autumn. Applications in Apple Watch will be able to access side features as microphones and accelerometer, the built-in speakers will bring quality to play audio and Digital Crown will be utilized. Apple Watch users will also be able to access the HomeKit app by using Siri from their watches. Time Travel is a new added feature that enables users to monitor upcoming events and weather conditions on your watch screen. WatchOS 2 is distinctive software mainly for developers of applications this time since it adds custom widgets to watch faces and run apps on the Watch. The most liked change is customisation of the watch face with photos or a single photo, or even it can be an album which every time checking on your watch it will allow you to see a picture from the album, time-lapse is also available now with famous locations pictures worldwide on your watch faces and will display a time-lapse of the current time of the day. I consider that WatchOS 2 deserves a compliment since it’s a huge improvement seen after the launch of the Apple Watch.

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