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PullToRespring Tweak by BigBoss to Respring Device from Settings Menu

  • Oct 20, 2015

As an experienced jailbreak user you should be aware that most of the new tweaks you download from Cydia will require your device to respring and that may be eased with PulltoRespring Tweak that allows you to respring your device in the settings menu without entering into too much hassle. Respring action is needed when you configure the tweak settings for your device or simply downloaded a new tweak. There are similar tweaks around to use to respring your device but the difference PulltoRespring brings is the gesture and simple form of use, Pull to Respring. When you compare the common points , other tweaks need holding the sleep button to respring the device but in PulltoRespring pulling down the swipe menu will lead the device to perform respring. Action is very similar to checking your mails, in stock mail app we pull down to download new mail and in PulltoRespring we again pull down to respring, amazingly easy and convenient for users.

After installation there is not much detail to configure about the tweak, next to the tweak name in settings you find a switch kill toggle to disable or enable the tweak. My personal opinion is the tweak is simple, efficient and easy to use but if you are interested in other tweaks that do the same job you can check out on Power Tap or BetterPowerDown as we stated above they work with sleep button method anywhere on the iOS you can activate the respring, this is the main difference compared to PulltoRespring Tweak.

PulltoRespring is available in BigBoss Repo and free to download, would recommend you to give it a try and if you have any questions please let us know.

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