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Passcode and Time screen can be merged with InstaCode Tweak

  • Sep 24, 2015

If you have your passcode turned on, you will understand the frustration associated with sliding on your screen in order to get access to your phone’s passcode screen and then input your passcode just to unlock your device, long process to repeat everytime. The passcode screen unlocking is one of the steps considered by many as unnecessary because it wastes time. There is a new InstaCode tweak that has been introduced to resolve this problem and all it does is to merge your phone’s lock-screen page and this is the page that shows the clock music controls, date and passcode screen. 

With this new tweak it is not possible to have the date and passcode keypad appearing in single scree on your smartphone. With this arrangement, you will be allowed to enter a single passcode to access your device without necessarily swiping or sliding to unlock the device. You need to install the InstaCode to enjoy this benefit, once this code is installed; all you need to do is simply press the lock button or home button and then enter the passcode. This feature also gives you’re the chance to disable the emergency option from your settings, and you can also use the delete and cancel buttons if you want.


One of the benefits of InstaCode is that it is compatible with apps performing similar lock-screen duties. This app will also show your music controls and notifications on your lock-screen and that is if they are available to be displayed- in this case you will have to slide your screen to access your keypad.  The new InstaCode Tweak can be downloaded for free from Cydia, the tweak is also available from the BigBoss repo and all iOS 8 devices are supported.

The InstaCode Tweak is also available on some Android devices, It simply allows you to merge dates with passcodes in order to access your lock-screen thus you don’t have to scroll unto the next page of the android device or iPhone  because the passcode pad will be located right under the number pad right on the home screen. The screen will show  number of buttons you can enable or disabled, these options are; Enabled, Hide cancel button, Hide delete button, and Hide Emergency button (these are the white and green buttons on the homepage or lock-screen page.

There are quite a number of features for continuity and accessibility and that is why new IOS Tweaks Such as InstaCode is so useful and special. There are efforts to bring the cool feature into other platforms such as Windows. Similarly there are several other apps that may function in similar way to the new InstaCode, but they cannot be as professional as InstaCode.  Developers are using apps such as OK Google, and Priority Mode in Android, to entice smartphone users, however, InstaCode seem to be one of the best apps driving more users to iOS devices. The app has been declared one of the most downloaded apps in the past few months.

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