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New Leaked Info about iOS 9 suggest Maps will Include Transit Directions for Users

  • Jun 22, 2015

We have been announced in June at Worldwide Developers Conference some details of iOS 9 and one distinctive feature changed in Maps were going to bring sensational responses by users Maps to Include Transit Directions, we heard that it is not yet fully ready to be used in iOS 8 but will be presented to users in iOS 9, it will be providing information about motorway, bus and train information.
One of the mentioned complains about Maps were the icons, they were small and especially the ones we necessarily need such as bus or train stations were difficult to recognize in the maps, now they will be much easier to spot and there will be a there will be a transit view available for users as an extra option to already available, Standard, Hybrid, and Satellite views.
Apple has spent the last year to refine the data they used for Map application, added more detailed location information, and they will include the transit option and availability of transit option on recently added cities in Notifications.

There are rumours that Apple is working on indoor mapping to be offered to users for some landmark buildings and public places, there has not been any specific launch date officially set for this yet but we believe it will be happening in near future.

In terms of news in relation to Maps, there is also a good feature added to Free application of Google Maps, which now provides information about traffic alerts and improved rerouting, in the first instance although it’s not stated we understand that it will be available for iOS Google Maps.

According Google when destination is entered on map now users are being alerted in relation to traffic conditions, I have tested this and successfully it was working and very useful to avoid traffic jams  to use alternative methods in busy congested hours, I did not come across a notification of an incident when tested but that may be just me not facing a situation there had been no incident on my route planned or simply this is just not yet available but may be in the future.

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