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New Astonishing Features to be in iPhone 7

  • Jul 25, 2015

Apple Sim” what a perfect idea for Apple users to have a pre-installed sim card in products, we all had the experience of discomfort to change sim card in an Apple product at one time through our usage, the mechanism is very delicate and procedure discourages us to make this simple change, I ultimately prefer to keep the same sim in my iPhone for this reason, whether it is iPhone or and iPad idea of having pre-installed sim card is great. In iPhone 7 we expect the new age to start with Apple products to have a pre-installed sim card. This will make a huge change for users since they will be allowed to sign up for a service carrier that is participating and without long contracts users will be able to switch from one provider to another. In my opinion that will also bring more competition to the service providers and users will be purchasing the Apple products directly out right from Apple and choose a service provider of your choice and convenience. Of course it will not be a popular change for service providers but it will be an astonishing service for loyal Apple users.

Dynamic Home Button feature will be another one that wins a admiration from  me, I expect it will be a great hit for gamers since the new home button will bring the functionality of a joystick with more plausibility. From my understanding Apple has already made a patent application for a home button design that is sensitive to changes it may well be a plan to launch in iPhone or let alone a rumour that is not certain yet but we will be able to lean a thumb in one direction in a game to scroll the screen or swipe across.

Should be stated that integrating a home button that can acknowledge the gestures with the force of each touch is an outstanding feature and if it really gets launched that will be remarkable for a new dimension to start in technology products. There have been many speculations about the similar launches in Android devices and installing touch ID has made the difference in many specs at this time and we are still not convinced that it will be the last line of new features for Apple and I strongly expect the dynamic home button to be placed in iPhone 7. The rumour of joystick style home button may be compelling idea as much as other features to be added, accepting the fact that there is a significant amount of gamers in the audience of Apple but there are also others to consider and that may be a conflict in the interest of others. The popping up home button with a little string can be a good idea and game app developers might love the full hardware control and interactions but as I indicated it may not be favoured by all users. There is obviously popularity in Bluetooth gaming controllers but this may not be the perfect subsidy as we don’t know yet.

Force Touch is already a feature starring in Apple Watch and using the touch sensitive display in iPhone 7 would be expected since we are witnessing the results in the watch product already. The screen is sensitive to touch and a tap press; this was used in Apple watch to have restrictions removed in a limited screen availability to offer more to users. The possible structures under the investigation of engineers suggest that in iPhone 7 the technology chosen would be placing the sensor to differentiate the touch in force and detecting the differences under the in-cell touch panel’s light since producing a transparent sensor is more complex. If force touch feature added to the next launch of iPhone it would be including very fine and wide range of gestures with sophisticated interactions.

Wireless charging, prolonged rumour of the 2014 as we see everything becoming wireless the idea of wireless charging came out in correlation of expectations to have perfection in iPhone 7, this could be the most realistic expectation of all in all this and predictions in iPhone 6 did not prove correct in this feature but in iPhone 7 the device will have this feature in high probability. Apple watch has inductive charging feature therefore it would be normal to expect iPhone 7 to have wireless charging feature. The problem of short range in inductive charging should be overcome in wireless charging while you sit in your desk your iPhone would be charged if the short distance issue solved however that may be a next stage change but inductive charging would be still great. I know in these days reaching the maximum satisfaction became the minimal expectation but placing your iPhone on a wired mat will still make life easier and it can be the start of resolution to distance issue in charging. Hearing some readers stating that it is not a new idea, although there had been inductive cases available for the iPhone already and patent of iPad 5 containing inductive battery in smart cover, yes that has been known for some time but it will be involved in our daily routine with integration to iPhone 7 for sure.

New charger expected to be reversible USB in iPhone 7 is also a part of rumour for charging features to be added in the next generation of Apple products, fully reversible USB Lightning cable has been published in the net earlier and USB being plugged into the adapter both ways is a sensible expectation to have in the next launch of iPhone.
Design is a concept that rumours mainly focus on in iPhone 7, although all users expect a radical change in iPhone 7 that is not certain, new features discussed varies from face recognition to unlock the device to elimination of Home button completely with installed sensor of Touch ID fingerprint making display facility larger on the new devices. A new glass type has been recognised in Apple Watch Sapphire Glass, this can be seen in iPhone 7 but there are rumours of liquid metal to be used in chassis which may not be the case or it may be we never know. The new iPhone design will definitely be rounder, lighter, slimmer as it always get but up to what level it can be in iPhone 7 is not revealed yet. Although everyone is expecting the iPhone 7 to be thinner than iPhone 6 that may not be the case if Apple uses aluminium 700- alloys this time and integration of Force touch may bring the latest design to be unrecognisably thicker but would that not be difficult to announce? I guess it will be since all dimension expectations are carrying to the next stage of thin, rounder and lighter designs in all technological products entered in our lives. The medicine of releasing the pain in announcing the thicker iPhone design would be increase in battery life, that would be the best trick to fit in with new iOS 9 features, it is realized that Apple takes things serious and power efficiency has also been a subject in iOS 9 as we know.   Thickness can also be justified with sidewall displays well may be a reason accepted by critics rather than writing pungent reviews.

Colour options, phenomenon of the time when we had the iPhone 5c out, the colours and difficulty choosing which one? In iPhone 7 we expect the all the colours in iPhone 5c, 6 and 6 plus to be available for consumers. Shockingly the yellow has been my choice for iPhone 5c but it was the least liked colour due to statistics of sales figures, all colours in 5c model has been offered in straps of the Apple watch surpassing the yellow and that brought the idea that yellow can be replaced with black colour and iPhone 4 will be discontinued shortly.
The flexible iPhone has been a concept favoured by users for some time but it is unrealistic when all features to be added expected to be released in iPhone 7, it may be the future of the device but flexible display, flexible components and housing can be far more complex than you considered where deformation might be the downside that cannot be prevented. Strenuous bending requirement means battery bending, screen bending and all internal components bending taking into account the susceptibility of all it is a hard task.
Screen can be possible extended with a use of technology successfully bonding ultrasound biometric sensors with compatible gorilla glass that are being used in iPhones already giving a high resolution 3D fingerprint image, this would make running the screen vertically from edge to edge for Apple, Home button will still be located at the same place but will be appearing when needed similar to software keyboard.

There are many illustrations out there but we know iPhone 7 will exceed expectations in many aspects. Hopefully this will be a start of new time, if you have any questions please contact us with no hesitation.

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