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New Apple Magic Mouse with NO Batteries Released

  • Oct 14, 2015

Best update in six years can be defined to happen to Apple Mouse after all updates we have experienced in Macs, iPhones, IPad or iPods. Apple have finally taken the step to renew its mouse and made it outstanding, truly compelling.

The latest version had been released in 2009, elegance and sleek design had gathered a lot of attention from all Apple fans but apart from the little scrolling ball feature and the distinctive sleek apple design that we are used to by now it did not bring additional features, but today’s Apple mouse seems entirely different and that has been very good news. The Magic mouse that was announced in 2009 has become a real Magic Mouse in 2015. The wireless mouse was relying on battery to be on and in the new released version there are no batteries. There is a lightning cable you will be occasionally charging the mouse to fill up the battery, claims are that will only be required once a month, I’ll make a trial and then I can confirm if that was appropriate to state.

Apple made a revolutionary changes, charging the accessories does not take longer than 2 minutes for a 9 hour stand by time, how amazing, thanks to all engineers, they have encompassed the products to a third dimension.

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