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Most Essential Features to keep your iPhone Secure

  • Jan 26, 2015

As Apple responsible to keep iPhone secure by updating and fixing major security issues reported to the company there is nothing wrong by taking extra care to keep our iPhones safe as much as possible. Internet security is a significant concept in the cyber world we live in and improvements on the technology opens new doors to thieves and frauds, we have our identity on most of the daily things we use as our mail boxes, losing personal information can be disastrous and in order to prevent hackers stealing our identity by different methods there are simple cautions we can take.

Passcode Lock

Passcode lock; this is a simple task but it helps significantly on keeping your iPhone and the data preserved inside secure. The feature is activated by entering into Settings, selecting General and then Auto-Lock, the function is automatically locking your phone after a time period that has been set by your choice. Knowing that no one will be able to access your iPhone’s home screen without the four digit code is a relief. Default settings of the iPhone doesn’t indicate a prerequisite on setting the passcode and in order to do it you need to follow; Settings→Passcode lock and enter your chosen passcode, make sure you will remember it every time you need to enter.

The other feautures of this great function in older versions of the iOS has been the disabling the SMS subject line to keep full privacy of your messages and in the latest versions it is placed in the settings→messages→show subject field where you can choose to disable or enable it. The function will not work only on emergency call status. Also my favourite action for security “ Erase data” you better activate this if you are sure there would be no child that will enter digits without knowing what’s going on, the feature erases all the data held in your iPhone if somebody enters passcode wrongly 10 times and attempts to keep trying will be count even if there is a break for a certain time, this is a good feature, it makes many things cleared in my mind in case my iPhone is lost or somebody would like to steal my identity or even entering my private life without my consent. The break times that iPhone provides after 6 wrong attempts increases from 1 minute to 5 and then 15, it gives the owner an option to watch out, as I indicated before you need to think carefully if you have small kids at home since 10 attempts of wrong passcode will wipe of all your data.

Using Secure Wi-fi Networks

Using secure Wi-Fi networks is crucial to consider when connecting to wireless internet with your iPhone in order to gain the speedy easy access. The harm is similar as if you would use an unsecure Wi-Fi connection on your desktop, in that sense you should be extra careful when connecting to a Wi-Fi spot if they use WPA or any other security protocol that is giving you a safer option, try to avoid options used by open public. iPhones have a function to prevent any unwanted connection to a Wi-Fi that is not preferred by yourself, to activate this simply go to settings and enable the option ask to join networks in your iPhone Wi-Fi settings. Settings→Wi-Fi→Ask to join networks.


Prefer SSL to access emails; if like many of us you are using your iPhone mail application to receive and send emails you need to pferer using SSL to encrypt the mails, if you have never disabled this function you are already using SSL by chose if you have disabled it and would like to return it back to the encrypted format follow the steps ; Settings→Mail, Contacts, Calendars→choose an email account→advanced the screen will be showing you some information and you need to scroll down to find SSL option and make sure to set it on.

Default password of a Jailbroken iPhone needs to be changed; this applies to all iPhones jailbroken and their root password is Alpine, you need to change this as soon as you have jailbroken you iPhone. The significance of changing the default password is more effective than anything else you might consider as a security vulnerability. The main reason for this is if you are to use a non-secure or a public connection at some point with your jailbroken iPhone and assuming that a malicious hacker would like to enter to your device to get all the information you wouldn’t share with a stranger they will know your passcode straightaway. This is similar to leaving your house door open at night to invite robbers. I will provide you a step by step guidance on how to change the root passcode on jailbroken devices.

Using safari to enter the internet and accessing corporate mail safely are also other precautions we can take but I think one of the other most important that has been provided for our use is Restrictions setting those will not hurt but it will help a lot to keep your iPhone safe.

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