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Lockspeed Tweak makes your favourite contacts reachable instantly by a swipe

  • Oct 01, 2015

Lockspeed tweak is amazing with the feature that is making life much easier for many of us, it basically surpasses the simple process of unlock the home screen with a passcode then respectively enter to Contacts app to choose whom you would like to call and then function the call to your destination, is does sound a long process and although we probably perform this a lot of times awareness is not actually there.

Developers realized that for a large proportion of users this hectic long process to perform a call to a contact we make frequent phone calls had been inefficient then the tweak came called ‘Lockspeed’, it allows you to add nine favourite contacts to the list you will create to access by a simple swipe to the left and that will be stunning to use for frequent callers.

As your favourite contact will be available in your lock screen the time taken to make a call to one of them will be much less, the tweak had been developed by BigBoss and their simple but greatly efficient ideas contribute towards our daily experiences with our devices, we also would like to underline that the calls that can be made to your 9 chosen contacts are not only straight calls but they can be face time calls or facetime video calls as well. After this in iOS 8 the developer also launched the Atom which has given us opportunity to access most favoured 6 apps from lock screen and I will be getting this analysed on the next study.


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