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Is Safari going to be the new Internet Explorer with similar destiny?

  • Jul 09, 2015

Safari, Apple’s web browser is in risk of becoming the new Internet Explorer which is an outdated program that developers and consumers do not use, recently developer Nolan Lawson also argued this in Ars Technica stating that during his visit to EdgeConf in UK the only brand which was not there has been Apple. This provides a general opinion about Safari lagging behind other browsers.

His argument has been convincing me that Apple has no interest in updating its browsers to the standards expected from them and many supporting tools as certain APIs not implemented in Safari.

Apple CEO Tim Cook during an announcement in San Fransisco

Of course it shouldn’t seem such a significant issue if Apple’s Safari does not support all new API and developer tools but it will lead to a point where developers will not feel the necessity of their sites being tested for functionality in Safari and it will eventually become an outdated browser just similar to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Apple has not been only criticised by Lawson, it was subject for Ben Thompson also in relation to adaptation of Safari to new standards if it can adopt at all, and non-attendance to conferences has been a focus point for all developers, although Safari developers are active on web standards mailing list.

The signs of any support from Apple to developers have not seen until now, since they do not even attend to conferences, development community finds Safari in the dark in relation to cooperating for future and major updates only being released by Apple in keynotes.  Developers rely on relationships with technology companies mutually to feel relieved that their sites are working so Apple’s situation needs a change and that should be a radical one.

In these concepts expectedly Apple will argue that developers should release native applications rather than cramming their site into a browser, so what will be the actual resolution? After combining all the parts in the picture my opinion supports Lawson that Apple should be contributing to open-source web standards, which helps out whole Internet not only Safari, it may not be what Apple will consider as an option but it would help developers to get back to Safari as before.

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