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iOS 8.4 New Features and New Approach Summarized

  • Jul 09, 2015

Apple officially just released the new update for the operating system and named it iOS 8.4, although it has been a while everyone has waited it just came on time and presented to all users with the new features on offer and many more. The most differentiated add on has been unarguably the Apple Music application and I will be listing the new features one by one for you below as follows;

Apple Music

- You can now become a member easily to play from millions of options available to you in the catalogue of Apple Music or even you may keep them offline to playback later.

- There is also a new feature added for you which allows members to see playlist and album recommendations by members which is valuable since they are chosen by music experts.

- You will be able to find the most favoured greatest hits latest releases directly from the editors.

- New Radio app will let you tune in to music, exclusive shows on radio on Beats, interviews and you can create your own station from any artist or song.

- New connection is brilliant, you can share your feelings, opinions, photos, music and favourite videos from artists and join in the conversations.

- You can play from all of your iTunes purchased prior and songs from Apple Music and you will be able to allow all of them in one place as a playlist of your choice.

- New music player designed from start to end to fit into your requirements includes new features such as MiniPlayer, Up Next, Recently Added and more

- We still have the iTunes Store, the best source to buy music from one song to complete albums at a time.

- The services and offered products may differ by country according to availability.


- You may now download audiobooks within iBooks application.

- All new Now Playing feature added for you which designed specifically for audiobooks

- This is a new improvement which I find very significant, the books which were available in iBooks now also works on iPhone as well as iPad.

- New pre-order of books in a series directly from Library and search options are available

- Eased access to glossary6, widgets and navigation in books made with iBooks Author.

- A new font added in Chinese.

- Settings have an option to turn off Auto-Night option in your library now.

- iBooks has capability of resolving an issue that may prevent Hidden Purchases from functioning.

- Also iBooks now prevents issues that stops downloading books from iCloud.

Added features

The new iOS 8.4 fixes issues where receiving specific Unicode characters causes your device to reboot and it also protects you from having the problem of GPS accessories providing location data. In iOS 8.4 you can also re-install a deleted Apple Watch application, this issue has also been fixed.

The update of iOS 8.4 is available as an on the air download for all devices currently (Settings > General > Software Update). If you experience problems please let us know.

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