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iMessage not working issue on iPhone and iPad running on iOS 8 or iOS 7

  • Jun 17, 2015

How irritating to see that iMessage on our device not functioning properly, although we are using alternatives such as WhatsApp or Viber or other applications but still some of us rely on iMessage on many things to keep in contact. We have been searching through options to fix it but have not found a particular reason to link it with in logical perspective, however trying all the options we listed the ones we had optimized results as follows:

1.Checking Wi-Fi proxies and network settings on your device

iMessage needs a strong internet connection to function properly, works on Wi-Fi/3G/4G but if you have low coverage signals this may also be a reason for the failure on iMessage application. In some occasions it helps to restart the cellular connection on device in order to give it a refreshed start.
After checking the connections if you find that the issue is not related to network connection in your device continue to the other listed reasons because very rarely the main reason of iMessage failure has been identified as network connections.

2.Restart the iMessage application by turn off and turn on again

I hear some of you saying is this your best recommendation to fix this, but it is worth mentioning, unfortunately I got to admit it has worked on many occasions. Sometimes we can’t think of simple solutions.

Follow these steps:

Go to Settings→Messages pane and turn off iMessage if it’s already turned on.
As next step switch it back on but remember you need to have active connection to the internet to complete the activation.
Make a trial by sending an iMessage to another iPhone user who is already using iMessaging service.
If this still not solving the issue you should get signed off from Apple ID and try the next paragraph before you come back to these steps.

3.Send and Receive Options method:

Although it is not normally first thing that comes in to our mind when we face such an issue mostly found that it relates to send and receive options in our device. I will explain what you should do in order to resolve the issue.

Go to Settings→Messages→Send & Receive
On the screen you will see your phone number and Apple ID which can be configured by you.
At this stage you may try different options to solve the issue and those can be one of the listed below:

You can try removing the email ID and use your phone number only
Choosing either email ID or your phone number to check if iMessage works on one of them alone.
Choose and Email and a phone number, after this you will see another screen coming up and asking your confirmation “Start new conversation from:” you need to select your phone number here and carry on.

It’s a word of mouth but can be worth trying if you like, at some stages users have seen the issue resolved by deleting the old text messages from their device, also I know some people have tried restoring your phone as a new device and their iMessage has just worked perfectly fine. I even had some responses as such setting the date to automatic updates has resolved the iMessage issue along with non-working FaceTime.

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