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iKeywi 3 Tweak to Supercharge your iPhone Keyboard

  • Jan 02, 2015

iKeywi 3 is a new tweak for jailbroken iPhone and iPod devices enables users to adapt the touch keyboard to their own preferences with full customization by adding many new features to your general keyboard. iKeywi 3 tweak allows users to add variety of functions to stock keyboard, with general process users required to download a third-party keyboard from the application store. This tweak adds an extra row on the top of the keyboard with buttons for numbers from 0 to 9 which is making entering numbers much easier compared to the regular keyboard typing where we need to switch from numeric and alphabetic keyboard by pressing the button “123”. Surely that can be causing stress at times we need to write a concept that includes numeric representations frequently or even on general social conversations the process of switching can be quite complex and can cause us losing the concentration on the actual task.

Of course there are more options available with this tweak then switching from numbers to alphabetic keyboards, such as adding symbols most used like !, #, @. Another top rated feature of this Cydia tweak is functions of cut, paste, copy or undo to be added to general keyboard of our device on portrait mode as well as landscape mode, making it easier and useful for users to type by using these features as they are used to the functions of general desktop typing. The tweak is great for users of iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c which has smaller screens compared to new iPhone6 and iPhone 6 plus where these already have these functions available. The tweak also allows to set keys to move the cursor while typing.

The brilliant iKeywi 3 tweak for iOS 8 also supports all languages that are available on the iOS keyboard and performs on both portrait and landscape modes. Compatibility of the tweak is convenient on the other hand with other tweaks such as SwipeSelection, HandyKey and Showcase.

The cost of downloading this Cydia tweak is $1.99 and recommended to users with smaller iPhone versions.

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