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How to Turn Split Screen Feature off on iPhone 6 Plus explained step by step

  • Jun 22, 2015

New legendary iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inches screen has been favoured by so many users, it provides a great space to view applications and freedom of space to make more things in the same time, especially with split screen feature by using Apple’s iOS 8 and further operating systems came after that. Such applications as messages, mail or calendar can be used in the same time in split screen feature of this beautiful space. In mail, when application is opened in the landscape mode list of messages are placed on the left and the text of selected messages are placed in the space at the right side

If you do not prefer to have the split screen feature on, if you prefer to use this extra space to view texts in larger sizes to give your eyes a relief then you may prefer to turn it off.
You may disable the feature by enabling the Display Zoom function by going to Settings→Display and Brightness→View.

Now please select the Zoomed , and tap Set to disable it.

At this stage you will be seeing a message notification stating that changing display zoom will restart your device, please press use Zoomed now. Once the restart of the device completed, you will have the split screen feature fully disabled. Your iPhone 6 plus screen will be the same even when hold horizontally especially in applications which have a special view in landscape mode like Mail, Messages and Notes.
By auctioning these steps you will also lose other features in relation to display such as landscape-oriented home screen and some extra buttons on your keyboards, so it is preferable to do it by knowing all the effects.

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