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How to Set your Favourite Song as Ringtone of your iPhone without using iTunes

  • Nov 01, 2015

In the days we used to use a song as a ringtone the technology had been a lot more different than today but the changes not reflected on simple tasks as such; using a ringtone on your iPhone might be more complicated than it used be performed in the old days on your Nokia phone, interestingly using a favourite song as a ringtone is actually hassle to set up and not many people aware of how it is done, in this article we will be explaining how to set up your favourite song as your devices ringtone in the simpliest stages. Users can also get a ringtone assignement to a song in their iTunes list but some users are interested in creating their own ringtones without using iTunes or requirements of a computer.

How to set up a song as iPhone ringtone without using iTunes

Step 1.

You can download or import the song of your choice into the Music Library, if this step is skipped you cannot place the song in your GarageBand and will not be able to complete the actions to follow.

Step 2. 

In this stage you open GarageBand. If you do not have GarageBand pre-installed on your iPhone, you can download it in the App Store.


Step 3. 

Import the song of your preference by choosing any of the instrument sections and tapping on the View button followed by the Loop Browser button.

Step 4. 

Now you need to select the Music tab and find the song you chosen. Please be aware songs that are grayed out cannot be added to GarageBand list.

Step 5.

You need to drag the song to the left or right to add it to GarageBand.  Since the default length is extremely short you’ll need to edit the track length of the chosen song to hear more of your song. Tap on the small + icon to add bars to your track; the more bars you add, the longer the song clip becomes. This section will allow you to choose the part of the song you would like to use as your ringtone as well.

Editting section will allow you to trim the part of the song and adjust the length of the song you would like to set up as your ringtone. Looping, splitting and more options are also possible by double tapping the song preview. You may pull in from beginning or from middle of the song to create your trimmed section and the sides will be turning yellow to set the desired section of the song.

The combination you create will be your ringtone so i must remind you that selection should be made caustiously and you need to like hearing your ringtone when your phone rings.

Step 6.

You can now hit the drop-down arrow and tap My Songs to complete the final clip. The ringtone you have created by doing all the steps will automatically be saved as “My Song”. You can rename the title by tapping on it similary as renaming a file on your desktop.

Step 7.

In this step you can tap and hold the thumbnail for your song and menu options will appear above then you can tap the Share icon, followed by the Ringtone icon.

Please name the ringtone and tap on export.

As exporting completed tap on Use Sound As, and select the option for when you want to hear the ringtone in the following menu.

Alternatively you can also add the ringtone by following the actions Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone and selecting your ringtone from the list, task completed.

As soon as you get the grasp of the steps the process can be replicated several times for you to assign a different song as ringtone for several people, the options and choices are yours.

Let us know if you think ringtones are really worth the extra effort and how easy you found the overall process.

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