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How to Join OS X El Capitan Beta Seed Program: OS X El Capitan for your Mac Available Now

  • Jul 21, 2015

Apple lets users to test OS X El Capitan on their Macs before it is publicly released coming autumn and if you are a non-developer would like to test the program you need to sign up.
The public test allowed by Apple similarly as it was tested in Yosemite last year has been announced in WWDC 2015 the new version of the Mac operating system OS X El Capitan free beta program is already live and you can easily download the beta version of this software by signing up. There are multiple versions still due to Apple engaged in eliminating bugs and glitches but the program will allow you to download and run the beta version of OS X 10.11, by downloading the beta version you can test the program and provide feedback to Apple to reach perfection before the update released publicly. In order to sign up you need to visit Apple’s website following this link and if you are already a member you only need to log in as usual to receive your download code. In this year’s update there is no email verification required only logging in with your Apple ID will be sufficient. In 2014 Apple released the first Beta Seed Program free of charge; earlier release in year 2000 of Public Beta of OS X has been valued at $30 per user to download. Apple Developers register on an annual fee of $99 to download pre-release versions of Apple software.

Pre-release software normally comes with risks associated with it and Apple’s OS X Beta Seed Program is also the same; taking part in testing the software may not be the right decision to make therefore it is highly suggested to all interested users to consider cautiously before downloading and installing the software. As a norm of standards pre-release software can be bound to have bugs and other issues that may cause irreversible damages to your Mac and Apple is not obliged to provide any support for pre-release software issues experienced by testers. If the machine you will download the program is your only one a serious consideration before doing so will not harm. Even Apple officially suggest that the program should be run on a dedicated Mac which means it should not be the one you use for business or personal use.

In relation to matter of privacy, by agreeing the terms before downloading the OS X Beta software you are confirming your permission given to Apple to collect data about diagnostics, technical issues and data usage unless you option out which is also possible. In 2014 while we were testing the Yosemite there has been issues experienced in Safari while trying to access Netflix content, Photo Stream, iPhoto and iCloud Photo Sharing problems. There has been also issues reported in AirDrop and iCloud Drive, this is why you need to be careful before making the decision to download the pre-release software.

How to sign up to Download OS X El Capitan Beta Seed Program

First step is visiting OS X Beta Seed Program website which also provides detailed information and there is frequently asked questions section for your perusal. The age requirement is 18 or older with a valid Apple ID and you will be asked to agree a Confidentiality Agreement prevents you from sharing information or screenshots of the new version. Second step will be clicking Join Now and Get Started on the website and you will be taken to the Sign In page, if you do not have an Apple ID you can instantly create your ID on the same page before continuation to the next step. The Apple ID is the same one you use for your iTunes and other Apple services so do not be confused you can use your usual ID log in in here. The next step is Confidentiality Agreement as we mentioned earlier, there is also a PDF version available, you need to read and click accept, if there is anything in the agreement that you are not sure then no obligation click cancel and stop the process at this stage.
Once the steps are completed you will need to register you Mac here to get updates of Apple Beta Software Program, if you had been a tester of Yosemite previously the reregistration is needed. On the page you will be given a download link and a redemption code to download El Capitan Version.

I suggest you better check if your Mac machine is fully ready to download the link at this stage of the process Apple provides instruction on the Enrol your Mac page when logged in, Apple suggests users to have a backup of their data and files before installation any new version of software, we are aware these strongly recommended cautions to take but as bullet points to be aware the machine needs to have OS X Yosemite installed and have more than 2GB memory available as a minimum.

After installation the application will launch the Mac Apple Store which will show if any updates are available; either publicly released as similar to OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 or another defined with a pre-release label. You will be able to click update to install the pre-release versions of the software from here. With each new release of the update you will receive a Notification when it is available.
Serving the purpose brings goodness always, as a tester if you experience bugs, or crashes please report to Apple using the Feedback application and if you can be explicit about the stages and how it is happening; you can be more helpful than you think to get the bugs fixed before public release. Obviously it may not only be bugs but it can also be another problem may not being able to work out how to do something and that may need a tweak to be added to the user interface. Third party application compatibility feedback submission part is also available to provide feedback on non-functioning third party applications as they should.

You can always revert back to Yosemite from El Capitan if you wish and it will not be painful process if you have a backup in place. Before backup is reinstalled, erase the drive and install Yosemite, when you use Yosemite first time you can use OS X Migration Assistant to import your backed up data and you will be ready to go. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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