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How to Enable DFU Mode and What DFU Mode is used for Explained

  • Feb 02, 2015

In this section, we will be getting in to detail about DFU Mode where many jailbreakers hear this word and would like to recognize the difference and understand the functions of DFU Mode.

DFU is an abbreviation stands for Device Firmware Upgrade, in jailbreaking community the functionality of DFU brings many advantages to the users, DFU mode allows devices to interface with iTunes without the need of loading the iOS operating system or boot loader, this is the main difference between the functions of recovery mode and DFU mode.

Why DFU mode is significant for jailbreakers?

The functions you can perform with DFU mode is upgrading or downgrading firmware or even rebooting your tethered jailbroken device if you need to.

To enter DFU Mode:

- First plug your device into your computer

- Simply turn off your device by holding sleep/wake button or Power button basically swiping it off will be enough.

- Hold the power button for 3 seconds at this stage.

- Do not release the sleep/wake button and hold the home button simultaneously for 10 seconds.

- As the last step release the power button and keep holding the home button until a message from iTunes appears as your device is recognized as in recovery mode.

Now we are in DFU mode and if you ever get stuck in DFU mode and would like to get out please hold the home button and power button until the apple logo appears on your screen.

The technique explained is used for all devices of Apple and can be used on all devices with exactly the same steps being followed.

If your home or power button broken?

Unlucky to have those buttons broken but do not be afraid there is still a way to enter DFU mode, please click on this link to enter DFU mode without properly functioning home or power buttons.

To exit DFU mode as we stated before please hold down the sleep/wake or power button for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo seen and now you exit the DFU Mode.

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