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How to Disable or Remove the PPSync from your device after Jailbreaking with Pangu and the risks associated with it

  • Feb 02, 2015

We have recently discussed the mysterious check box that many users did not uncheck when jailbreaking their devices by using Pangu jailbreak for iOS 7.1.X, it does create some concerns on legitimacy and harmfulness of running it or even not removing it from your device since it will be available to download pirated applications to your device.

Most respected hackers from all around the world has examined the situation and many declared that this PPSync has to be removed since it can even get to a stage that your system applications can get corrupted along the half way of even uninstalling it. This is where you can face plethora of problems on your device and may not be even possible to fix them. Certain versions of PPSync is even more harmful than others in comparison. While jailbreaking with Pangu if you have not actually checked this boz then you are not at risk of any damage to your device, however it is even sometimes better to make sure by running a check on your device if it has been downloaded or not. Whether you checked the boz deliberately or not you can use the following instructions to protect your device.

AngelXWind is a well respected iOS device jailbreak application developer and we will use their recommended instructions to remove the PPSync as follows:


By clicking on the  http://cydia.angelxwind.net/ you will need to add  Karen’s Pineapple Repo to your Cydia/APT sources; to do this


Press the following tabs Manage → Sources → Edit → Tab


Install Complete PPSync Remover from the Cydia on the following link net.angelxwind.completeppsyncremover.


Remove the PPStore from Cydia, enter Settings→General→Profiles and remove the 25pp certificate. Do not consider there is something wrong if you do not see a profiles section or a 25pp certificate that only means Pangu never installed one into your device.


The process is complete. Complete PPSync Remover restores /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.mobile.installd.plist.

If you prefer you can uninstall Complete PPSync Remover from your device.

From this point and onwards your device is safe if you have checked that box this is the easiest way to remove the harmful PPSync from your device, if you experience any problems or unfamiliar complications you better drop your question to us, we will be happy to support you every way we can.

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