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How AI transforms customer reviews into vital business intelligence

  • Nov 01, 2021

Guests have advanced- than- ever prospects, and 89 of consumers are more likely than ever to partake positive or negative gests.

More importantly, behind every client review is an important and particular story. Good or bad, there’s a reason they took the time to search out your feedback form or Facebook runner, compose a communication, choose a standing, and partake their studies with the world.

Collectively they ’re easy to keep track of, and at a small scale, you understand exactly why it’s important to keep your eye on them. You have an occasion to respond, offer thanks or a way to fix an issue or alleviate a bad experience and make a connection with your client. You can also keep an eye on issues that feel to keep popping up with the same problem with the same item, a particular area of the stoner interface, or repeated requests for a specific new point.

Suppose about how important these relations are and that information is to you, your business, your products, and your what-comes-coming strategy. Now what do you do at scale?

As you grow, as your client base grows, and your product or service roster continues to expand, it’s insolvable for a mortal to keep on top of the client sentiment, requests, and needs that are revealed through reviews, indeed if you hire a couple of full- time workers. Perspectives on commentary will also change depending on who you have at the helm covering your feedback.

Artificial intelligence is the key then. You do n’t have to lose one of your most precious sources of information, and one of the coffers that has helped you grow and maintain your image as a company that cares about its guests. You do n’t have to give up the coffers and time of mortal workers, and in return you gain the certainty that comes when you can dissect mortal feedback and turn it into data that can be anatomized more efficiently and more snappily, and offer up new and surprising perceptivity from patterns you might have missed or ideas that you might have overlooked.

In this environment, AI refers to two specific tools machine literacy (ML) and natural language processing (NLP). Machine literacy takes the data that your reviews offer and uses that to make biographies of your guests, dissect patterns that crop, and prognosticate client geste patterns so you gain sapience into how your guests suppose and act.

With natural language processing, the machine can look at what your guests are saying, to identify specific motifs they return to, look at client sentiments, and understand the consumer discussion as a whole.

Client review platforms powered by artificial intelligence and machine literacy also give consumers a place to connect with and influence businesses, and to feel like their opinions matter and indeed be a catalyst for change. Companies get a better way to engage their guests and unite with immediate access to client responses. That also means they're advised to negative reviews far more snappily, so client issues can be handled more efficiently for better client service and happier consumers.

Every review a client leaves is a chance for your business to ameliorate and grow. Join this VB Live event to learn how easy it's to make sure you ’re connecting with your guests, making sure they feel heard, growing from their feedback, and turning their sapience into winning business strategies.

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