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Hiding Folder Labels on your iOS Device without Jailbreak

  • Sep 22, 2015

You will always want to keep things simple on your iOS device especially when you are a minimalist and attentive to detail, and that is why you should consider some simple tricks of hiding folder labels on your device. The simple trick will help you create new folders on your device without attaching labels to them. With the new trick there will be no labels on your icons, likewise they will have no names especially on the top of the folder screen as well as the homescreen icon.  In order to achieve this, you will need a simple app from the Apple store and that app is located in the Apple store food category- the popular Zamato app for instance can be used in hiding Folder labels.

Aside the Zamato app, there are several other apps located in the Food category of Apple store that can be used for this simple trick, and such include OpenTable. The greatest thing about the use of any of this app is that your device will not need to be jail-broken to achieve your aim.

How to hide folder labels in your folders on the iOS device homescreen:

Your first step is to download the app from the Food category of Apple store; this could be Zamato or OpenTable. Once downloading and installation has completed, simply tap and hold down the app and then move it unto another app’s icon on your home screen in order to create a new folder- the app upon which you drag the newly downloaded app could be one of those you wish to include in the new folder. In this case, iOS would normally request that you use a folder label that can be changed later but in this case, the folder remains empty as you didn’t not add any label and the reason also being that Apple do not assign labels to food related apps . Another Reason why you may not see an automatic label on the newly created app is the presence of a Bug- you may have to debug your device if this is the case.

Once you have created a no-label folder, you can drag and place as many apps on the folder as you want. It is very easy to add and delete the newly created app from your IOS device if not needed again.  You need to take note that this label-removal trick will only work on your IOS device only when you are creating new folders, it does not work for existing folders. This trick has been tested on IOS versions such as 8.4 as well as IOS 9 BETA 4 and it work perfectly well.  The usability of this trick cannot be predicted for other IOS versions that will be released later in the year, but for now, it will perfectly work on your IOS 8 and 9 , as well as some older versions of the IOS platforms. It is also unclear whether this trick will work on other operating systems such as Windows and Android.

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