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FullForce for iPhone developed by Ryan Petrich to extend apps to fit your tall iPhone 5 Screens

  • Jan 10, 2015

We have been glad to see Ryan Petrich developing FullForce tweak for us that enables some old applications to fit the taller screen of our iPhones.

The other option that can compete with FullForce is ScreenExtender tweak which works well to fit the apps on the taller screen. Ryan has taken the advantage of the taller iPhone screen and presented his development for use totally free to download, if you are familiar with his FullForce tweak for your iPad you will see the similarity and take advantage of this wonderful tweak to fit your favourite apps in full mode on your screen.

In comparison recent search has made me consider that people using the ScreenExtender has been experiencing problems and the most eye catching issue mentioned was not being able to shrink an app when it is stretched.

I personally tested FullForce for iPhone and for iPad and can confirm that no problems have been encountered. After installing the FullForce for iPhone in settings page you will tap FullForce and a list of apps that does not use the tall iPhone 5 version screens will appear. The good thing is Ryan’s development has a readymade list that covers very useful apps that users can benefit using the tweak on. That prevents you to list and app that already extends itself to fir the tall screen of iPhone 5 and other versions of 5 series including 5s or 5c.

A wow factor is the tweak works very smartly and if you launch a legacy app that hasn’t been extended yet it reminds you to use FullForce by a pop up asking you if you would like to extend it with FullForce, very useful and remarkable.

The price of the tweak is $0.99 compared to ScreenExtender which is free of charge but as always if you are looking for a flawless working tweak to extend the apps to fit your iPhone 5 tall screen we recommend using Ryan’s work. I would rather go for the choice that does not bring along issues.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, also this tweak has been listen in our best cydia tweaks list.

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