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F.Lux Tweak to Protect your Eyes from Unadjusted Brightness to the Time of Day has been Updated as F.Lux Beta

  • Oct 05, 2015

Experience of over brightness on your iPhone’s screen to view a notification on your Home Screen led many users to choose F.Lux as soon as it had been available for iOS 4. After recognising people with this blue flash in a pub or restaurant with dimmed lightning the tweak had been developed to draw the attention lower to the users in darker places and protect the eyes. F.Lux had been developed wisely and recognises the sunset to adapt the brightness to the time of the day, if you are approaching sunset the colours will warm up on your screen, and it is not only brightness but also colour which makes a significant difference to our body. Users of desktops or laptops may have experienced that during the day the colour Blue on their screen is not an issue but at night it can become disruptive and overwhelming for the eyes and it is clinically approved that the reflection of blue colour at night is not beneficial for our circadian rhythm.

All devices emitting blue light can also affect our ability to have smooth sleeping cycles, this is why F.Lux has been a great tweak for so long and preferred to other tweaks with similar features. If you are particularly interested in knowing how much of blue light that F.Lux removes then you may try the F.luxometer, to start with you need to make selection of what type of light you use and where you live to F.Lux and the rest will be managed.

Eerie glow on your face will also be a problem solved, which looks not convenience in some places. F.Lux runs in the background and confirms your location at specific intervals which does consume some of your CPU and battery but that is not a reported complaint at all. The latest versions of F.Lux had been improved on battery consumption.

iPhone 3G support had been released on 0.94 update but there are still some problems you may experience however if you have such issues or experiences please share them with us so we may be of help.

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