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Enabling Night Mode on your iOS 9 Safari’s Reader View

  • Sep 22, 2015

The Reader view remains one of the most useful components of Apple’s web browser, and the new Safari 9.0 has been introduced to take the feature to the next level. The new Safari 9.0 is designed with OS X, and the reader view can be used as both a desktop or a mobile app and one of the things it does is to streamline the reading experience of the user by hiding distracting components such as sidebar, ads and templates.  For this reason, the new Safari 9 offers more power to the reader view and more importantly, the Night mode feature has been brought into the app- an important feature for those who enjoy reading where bright white colours can be a problem or when they are in bed.

Aside from the Night mode on the new iOS 9, the new Safari reader view also provides support for many other colours, including Sepia and dark gray. In addition to these benefits, users can also choose among the 8 different font options.

Steps to take in enabling night mode in Safari’s reader view

Step 1: From your iPhone, simply open the article or piece of material you want to read with the Reader view of your Safari.

Step 2: If you are reading from a site, then you should check if the site supports a reader view, and if it supports the reader view, simply check for the multiple line buttons that pops up immediately on the left region of the Safari address bar. Click on this bar and follow the next step.

Step 3: You will be directed to the distraction-free reader view of the Safari and you will notice that the pop up ads, templates and other distractive components have been removed and you can read your contents without straining your eyes.

Step 4: On the right side of the address bar, you will see some alphabets, simply click on the AA button, and some options will pop up, simply select and click on the black colour or any other colour you prefer the reader view to be. As mentioned earlier on, you can also change the reader font style on your Safari reader view, just as you can change the colour, and some of the popular font sizes you can consider are; Charter, Georgia, Iowan, Athelas, Palatino, San Francisco, Seavek, and Times New Roman.

The new iOS 9 Safari reader view simplifies reading for individuals struggling to read different sizes, colours and fonts of texts, especially on their mobile devices. The new Safari reader view is designed to help readers choose the text size and font that are more convenient for them; therefore they don’t have to strain their eyes when reading under different weathers and conditions. Night mode reader view is one of the new cool features available on the latest iOS 9 and Apple may not need to make any new changes on it in the future.

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