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Enabling Hidden Springboard Settings Categories

  • Jan 08, 2015

Although we have indicated that many options in settings are obvious, there are some of them you may not be familiar prior using Springboard, we will take a closer look at some of them obscure settings.

Test Recipe

This is a very useful menu contains a selection of pre-set settings to test popular Springboard options. There are options of Badge Count, Push Notifications, Thermal Trap and Alert Item Popper. To return to the main Springboard Settings select any item in the list by tapping and it will automatically close and return to main settings.

App Slider

This is the screen you will see when you double press the Home button. The section lets you customize the following; resizing the applications switcher pages, hiding the icon below the app reviews, change the multitasking tray or the app switches. Even Home function can be changed to Respring, which allows users to swipe on the home screen card to respring the device.

Icon Adaptive Colours

The option controls the app icons within folders on the home screen, it may sound like controlling colours but in fact it helps to choose blurriness, you can remove the blur icon action completely, Blur Close-Boxes suppresses icon jitter and change the colours of the folders when closed. The only downside that is not fixed yet is the setting changes are reset every time device is rebooted.


If you would like to have wallpaper moving behind the app icons on the home screen Parallax gives this effect when you tilt your iOS device. You will be able to control how far the image slides, how far back from the glass it seems to be even Parallax can be seen when this option activated.

Also dont forget to see the Hidden Springboard Settings Tweak for Cydia Tweaks.

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