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Easy Way to Fix your iPhone or iPad iOS 8.4.1 Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

  • Oct 03, 2015

Everyone rely on Wi-Fi connectivity these days, regardless of whether it is being used for individual or business purposes , the Wi-Fi remains the fastest way to stay connected in the modern world. One of the most recently raised concerns is the issue of Wi-Fi connectivity problems when iPhone users update their smartphone to iOS 8.4.1, its common to see the Wi-Fi disconnecting randomly.  Here are some of the ways to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues over iOS 8.4.1 device;

Step 1: Hard-reboot your iPhone

Simply press and hold the sleep button on your device alongside the Home button, simultaneously for about 11 seconds. Let the screen go black and you will see the device restarting automatically. Once the Apple logo appear on your screen, gently release the buttons . This step should resolve any basic Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

Step 2: Simply restart the modem or router

Switching off and then turning on the router or modem could be another simple solution if the first step does not work. This may look vague but it works sometimes.

Step 3: Switch off the location services attached to your Wi-Fi Networking

To turn off Location services, simply follow the steps bellow;

Tap on the “settings” , and then choose “Privacy”.

Click on “Location services”, and scroll down gently before selecting “System services”.

Turn off the Wi-Fi Networking option.

Step 4: Find a new and better DNS Server

Simply tap on the “Settings” option, and then click on the “Wi-Fi” and you will discover a list of Wi-Fi available and the network your device is connected to.

Click on the “Information” icon, this is the “I” symbol on the blue circle.

Tap at the front of the DNS bar and type “” – this is a Google DNS server that can work perfectly better than the existing ISP server and servers like this one are free.

Step 5: Simply reset your Network settings

You can reset your iPhone’s network setting with the following steps

Simply tap on the “Settings” option , and then click on “General”

Scroll down and then choose “Reset”

Choose the “Reset Network settings”, and enter the passcode.

Select the “Reset Network settings” again to confirm the operation.

These procedures will finally reset your Wi-Fi passwords within the iOS. This may take some time but will definitely resolve the issue.

Step 6: Restore iOS 8.4.1

This is often regarded as the ultimate solution; however you need to ensure that you backup your key documents because your device will be as good as new after restoring. You can get the new iOS 8.4.1 from the iTunes store.

What if the problem persists?

If at the end of all these, the device still have Wi-Fi connectivity problems, then you may have to take it to certified technician. Experts can easily check your device out and find a lasting solution. In most cases, you may have to return the device to its original factory settings. You may also return the device under warranty terms.

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