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Despicable Me Minion Rush a Complete Gamers Hit

  • Jul 29, 2015

If you are a fan of the minions and their amusements and you love running games then this is absolutely your game. Downloading as first stage gets you in the mood to adaptation to play as one of the cuddly minions to become the employee of the month or the year.

How to play the game?

Firstly, this game is really easy to play it’s just like Temple Run the gameplay has three lanes and shows similarities to all popular running games movements. To dodge the huge cars and the ice cream vans which spread a pungent vanilla smell on the roads you just swipe left and right reading is simple but you need to be a planner. To jump and slide under the laser beams, which give you a deadly electric shock if you hit them, just swipe up (to jump) and down (to slide on the floor). When you go on the sliding part you tilt your IOS device left to right. In addition to that, the game does not offer you the same type of view all the time – instead the camera view changes regularly, however don’t worry it doesn’t disturb you and you don’t get muddled up and your concentration will be accelerated every day.

The Currency

The currency in the game is the least expected thing … BANANAS! You can upgrade your power ups and buy power-ups when you need them. However the main currency on sale in the game is tokens you mostly buy new costumes or in other words minions. When you first start playing the game they give you 500 tokens for free don’t waste them keep them for harder levels. 


Moreover, these rivals are the most hazardous ones, when minions face rivals their cheeks get ruddy and they look like they are going to pop like a balloon. Rival characters are called; Vector, El Macho and Minna. To beat rivals attacks need to be hit on the go, when they launch smaller robots and have a circle on them you need to hit them and which will prevent them bothering you for a while. However as you now they will never give up. Don’t worry they come like in each 20 levels. 

Purple minions

These savage minions are purple, they have huge spikey hair and possess a spooky look and cold hearted. They never listen and known to be stubborn.  They don’t have moral senses, to use this minion press the PX-41 on the left hand corner while you are running. The advantage of using these minions are ability to destroy everything and you can boost the amount of time to stay as an evil minion by three seconds by collecting bottles while you are on the run. So get ready to become evil! These minions are cruel but helpful, this means they still have a bit of minonity left in them. Then does this mean that El Macho’s PX-41 wasn’t completely successful…

New worlds

This game features about 10 – 16 worlds, like Gru’s Lab and Super Silly Fun Land. You get to unlock these places as you go along and progress to next stages. The best part of the Despicable Me game may be defined as making you want to play more addictively, so you can unlock new levels, places, rivals and much more surprizes. Every world has something special about itself, they don’t look alike, some places you’re inside internal buildings such as Residential Area and sometimes find yourself in the middle of the dangerous machines in Gru’s lab.


You can use power-ups everywhere from minion races to normal level challenges. In the minion races you have fart powders and fluffy unicorn. As well as that, the minion shield and fluffy unicorn is free, in the levels you don’t pay for power-ups. In the minion they races are not free you have buy them with bananas or tokens. The ones you buy with tokens in the minion races are level 2 and 3 power-ups which are incredibly powerful but are expensive. However, the level one power-ups are being purchased with bananas so the other minions can’t beat you. 


Additionally, the levels are never ending type of formation. They get harder as it goes, you have a particular task in every level, and they may show similarity however none of the levels are exactly the same in. Every update offers new levels so the amount of levels is infinity, will never finish. The important thing is stages may take 2 days to success in a level and get victory in your hands. To be able to unlock new levels you have to collect fruits to achieve your goal in the present level to get up to 3 fruits which is the maximum amount.

Minion Races

The minions get to race each other. Just need to tap the minion races icon down the left hand side while you are in the jelly lab. Furthermore, races are so exciting because you don’t play by yourself this time you have other minion which are playing online with you. Racer Minions can throw bombs at each other and that’s fun.  If you are 1st you get the highest point and it goes down to 3rd and only three real players are in the minion race because the gameplay is three lanes you can’t have more than one minion in one lane at the start however when you start the race you can go behind another powerful and strong competitive minion.

Now do you want to become one of the amusing cuddly minions? Are you competitive enough to become the minion of the year or month? So come and become the part of the team! Are you coming?

Price: Free      Developer: Gameloft

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