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Clash of Clans Game Review

  • Oct 14, 2015

In this wonderful game you have to use teamwork, strategies and your army. If you like these things then you should check this game out. As well as that, you need to be strong, there is no place for losers in this game!


You have cannons, archer towers, wizard towers and much more to protect your town. The cannons are useful for ground attacks however as you develop your town you will get air attacks and all type of attacks you can imagine of you have air sweepers which are useful they sweep them like dust from your town. The ones like archer towers and wizard towers can attack ground an air therefore they protect your town in both ways. The hidden teslas can be seen by you however not by others you may encounter them while you are attacking person. Furthermore, x-bows and inferno towers are the strongest defences but you unlock them when you are town hall level 9 and 10. The mortar is strong it throws colossal sturdy stone balls. The air defence only defends your town from air attacks don’t forget that they are one of the most important defences. Therefore, you should upgrade your air defence first you will understand the importance of it when you are town hall level 5-7.The walls slow down the troops from coming to your town. And there are traps that your rivals can’t see.


Moreover, you earn trophies and lose trophies.  When you are successfully attack or defend you earn trophies which will help you improve in leagues you have bronze league, silver league, gold league, crystal league, master league, champion league, titan league and legend league in the game they are in order of lowest to highest. When your attack or defend is unsuccessful then your trophies go down and you could be demoted. You can go up as well of course. In addition to that you have a bonus as you go up you get higher bonuses!


Additionally, you get the pungent smell of attacking, when you attack you improve you strategies and skills. This will help your savage troops become less stubborn. Your troops can level up and get stronger some people attack for trophies some just attack for the loot. You just have to do both when you need to upgrade you farm when you need to go up leagues you go for trophies for the bonus. All your barbarians, archers, giants, witches, wizards and minions want to go into your eye.


Farming is an attacking strategy; it is a peculiarity why it is called farming. This is when you just attack for loot and don’t care about the trophies. If you want to farm then I would say attack people who have their collectors on the sides and just use a few giants to distract defences and put archers, barbarians and goblins everywhere. This one of the best strategies!

Town hall

Furthermore, your town hall is the most valuable and important building in your town. If your enemy/rival destroys your town hall then they get one star and you lose some trophies. This building is the heart of your town. Therefore, you should take care of it like it will break when it slips out of your hands.


In addition to that, your arm includes the barbarians, archers, giants, goblins wizards, pekka, wall breaker, dragons, golems, hog ride, witches, valkyire, golmite, lava hound, balloons, minions and many more. They are done with dark and pink elixir. You have two barracks in the game they are barracks and dark barracks. You can upgrade your army camps to put more troops in them.


Become a whole team and participate in the clan wars. When you join a clan to start a war your team has to have at least 10 members in it you can demote and promote members like an elder co-leader. However you can create and join clan; you might not want to create one until you are level 90 so that you are good and know everything about being part of a clan don’t forget to be a leader you need to responsible it is huge part that you will have to play in.


Last but not least, are our heroes there are only two heroes however I am sure they are strong enough to protect your whole town. You get the special powers of the Barbarian King and Archer Queen after they are level five. The heroes can protect your town and attack other town. The disadvantage is that everyone needs a rest so they do as well. Are you ready to use them?

All in a nut shell, this is a great game therefore do you want to give it a try. Why are you waiting, come on?

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