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Changing the Root Passcode on Jailbroken iPhones and All Devices

  • Jan 27, 2015

All devices of Apple run on an operating system and similar to our desktop computers they also have administrator privileges, hackers can get access to the administrator accounts if you do not take the necessary steps to prevent this on your jailbroken device by changing the root passcode “Alpine”.  It is very important and delaying the process will make your device vulnerable to attacks, very recently a lot of worm attacks has been detected and reported on jailbroken devices. On a non-jailbroken device entering the administrator account is not possible since no terminal access is possible or no console is involved in iPhones and they don’t run services such as SSH.

SSH is turned on only when device is jailbroken and to prevent the no permitted access to your device you better get the passcode changed, the steps are provided below;


The initial process to change the passcode will be installing mobile terminal to your iPhone, click on Cydia and tap on Sections tab on the bottom of the screen, the next step is tapping on terminal support.


Find the “Mobile Terminal” in the opened packages and tap on it.


Consecutively tap on install button and confirm to start installing the mobile terminal.


When installation is completed tap on close window to finish the process.


Now you can tap on the Mobile terminal icon on your springboard.


You will be presented a black screen, do not panic, against the prompt command type “su” and tap the return key.


You will be asked to enter the root passpord “Alpine”, type this word on there and again tap the return key.


You are now logged in to the terminal as the root user and again against the prompt command this time enter “passwd” and tap the return key.


Now you can enter your new passcode , after confirming your passcode you have successfully changed your passcode on your jailbroken device.

You need to make sure your chosen new passcode will be remembered by yourself as the root password is encrypted in the device once it’s lost the task of retrieving can be a complex process and I would strongly recommend avoid this by making your new passcode something you can definitely remember.

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