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Change the Icon Sizes on your Devices by using Icon Size Shrink TweakShrink tweak in Cydia allows you to change the size of icons on your home screen, if you think your icons appear too small or too big you can make changes to the size as you wish.
Change the Shape of Icons with Icon Masks TweakThis is a great feature, you can change the shape that icons appear on your home screen, making them star shape or triangles will give them a fashionable personal look, differentiated and fully customized to your choice, teardrops, circles etc.
How to Upgrade the Layout to Five Column in Springboard iPhoneWe have restrictions on our layout and it can be boring to use only 4 column layout, there are ways to change this around and even an additional column can be included on your iPhones home screen. Editing icons and fitting more than allowed 20 app icons will be a fun way to customize your iPhone home screen the way you want.
How to Customize Home Screen Folders in Springboard SettingsAgain we drag up the Control panel and tap Springboard Settings. We see the folder settings category near to the top of the list of categories. Folder settings are simple and allow useful variations on how folders behave and provides more options for organizing your apps.
Enabling Hidden Springboard Settings CategoriesAlthough we have indicated that many options in settings are obvious, there are some of them you may not be familiar prior using Springboard, we will take a closer look at some of them obscure settings.
Install and Use Hidden Springboard Settings Tweak in iOS 7Cydia developers have given us a great chance to access hidden Springboard settings in iOS 7 by offering us the tweak to install and make changes without the need of editing plist and edit internal iPhone files.
Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV Step by StepIn this study you will find everything you need to know about Jailbreaking your devices. There are common questions asked about how it is performed and the effects in comparison of usefulness of the device before and after the process.
Dual Sim Adapter for iPhone 6 and 6 plus to conveniently use 2 different Network Sim CardsThere is no device produced from Apple which allows dual sim card usage just yet and if you would like to use your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus there is a new adapter that will enable you to use 2 sim cards on the same device. The DUAL-SIM adapter is on sale from a brand named MagicSIM and it has been specifically designed for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus that has been out recently. If you would like to use 2 different carriers sims on your new device this tool would be the option for you.
iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 Jailbreak announced by Pangu TeamPangu Team that released the iOS 7.1. x jailbreak is showing a great performance by announcing the jailbreak for Apple’s new released iOS 8 and iOS 8.1. The fast release of this jailbreak have been very surprizing with users since it has only been a very short time of the new announced iOS 8 and iOS 8.1.
iKeywi 3 Tweak to Supercharge your iPhone KeyboardiKeywi 3 is a new tweak for jailbroken iPhone and iPod devices enables users to adapt the touch keyboard to their own preferences with full customization by adding many new features to your general keyboard. iKeywi 3 tweak allows users to add variety of functions to stock keyboard, with general process users required to download a third-party keyboard from the application store.
Best Cydia TweaksThere are number of Cydia tweaks that could be installed to your phone after completion of your Jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Since there are so many options the evaluation and guidance on how to choose the one that fits all your requirements becomes more significant. Since there are no regulations meaning none in the term of actual regulations by an authorized body, some tweaks are in real terms not worth installing to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.