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iPhone 7

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Whatsapp reply gets quicker with the new Venom Tweak feature Whatsapp is one the fastest growing apps in the world today. It has remained at the forefront of the messaging apps because it focuses on core experience without the complexities that come with several other top instant messaging apps. It has constantly remained top of the most downloaded apps I the past few years even though it has been acquired by Facebook in 2015 but it is still operating separately and that has been seen as a good thing by its users. There are over 800 million active users on Whatsapp as at the year 2015 which means at least 1 out of every 9 people in the world is using the app consistently. India has the highest number of active Whatsapp users and it is believed that more than a million new users register everyday all around the world on Whatsapp.
Passcode and Time screen can be merged with InstaCode TweakIf you have your passcode turned on, you will understand the frustration associated with sliding on your screen in order to get access to your phone’s passcode screen and then input your passcode just to unlock your device. The passcode screen unlocking is one of the steps considered by many as unnecessary because it wastes time. There is a new InstaCode tweak that has been introduced to resolve this problem and all it does is to merge your phone’s lock-screen page and this is the page that shows the clock music controls, date and passcode screen.
Hiding Folder Labels on your iOS Device without Jailbreak You will always want to keep things simple on your IOS device especially when you are a minimalist, and that is why you should consider some simple tricks of hiding folder labels on your device. The simple trick will help you create new folders on your device without attaching labels to them. With the new trick there will be no labels on your icons, likewise they will have no names especially on the top of the folder screen as well as the homescreen icon. In order to achieve this, you will need a simple app from the Apple store and that app is located in the Apple store food category- the popular Zamato app for instance can be used in hiding Folder labels.
Enabling Night Mode on your iOS 9 Safari’s Reader ViewThe Reader view remains one of the most useful components of Apple’s web browser, and the new Safari 9.0 has been introduced to take the feature to the next level. The new Safari 9.0 is designed with OS X, and the reader view can be used as both a desktop or a mobile app and one of the things it does is to streamline the reading experience of the user by hiding distracting components such as sidebar, ads and templates. For this reason, the new Safari 9 offers more power to the reader view and more importantly, the Night mode feature has been brought into the app- an important feature for those who enjoy reading where bright white colours can be a problem or when they are in bed.
Jailbreaking iOS 8.4 on Mac with the TaiG tool Jailbreakers on iOS always look forward to updates in Jailbreak, and the TaiG tool is one of the updates that can be used to jailbreak on iOS 8.4. The TaiG is quite popular among users of iPhone, and with this tool, you can actually jailbreak on any iDevice. Just before you jailbreak on your device, make sure you backup your data on iCloud or iTunes. Jailbreakers will always want a smooth jailbreak procedure but it is also important not to take chances with important data that can be lost. If you are using the IOS 9 Beta, you will have to downgrade it to 8.3 or 8.4 before you can use the TaiG tool to jailbreak.
StopSend by Sassoty to Disable Send Button in Prompt Auto CorrectionThis tweak is great if you ever experienced a wrong word texted to someone just because you have had your auto correction in place. It has been developed by Sassoty who is a developer who enjoys what he does, if you do not prefer that auto correction takes control of what you type it basically disallows the correction in texting. Auto correction in texting can be creating very embarrassing situations and I have had the experience couple of times and since the correction is active in texting it gives a provisional feeling that it speeds up your texting but end up with a different text than what rather had been initially planned to be texted. There are few changes that tweaks requires as it is still not compatible with new versions in iOS 8 and we passed this stage long before, idea is great but as I indicated needs updating.
New Astonishing Features to be in iPhone 7Apple Sim what a perfect idea for Apple users to have a pre-installed sim card in products, we all had the experience of discomfort to change sim card in an Apple product at one time through our usage, the mechanism is very delicate and procedure discourages us to make this simple change, I ultimately prefer to keep the same sim in my iPhone for this reason, whether it is iPhone or and iPad idea of having pre-installed sim card is great. In iPhone 7 we expect the new age to start with Apple products to have a pre-installed sim card. This will make a huge change for users since they will be allowed to sign up for a service carrier that is participating and without long contracts users will be able to switch from one provider to another. In my opinion that will also bring more competition to the service providers and users will be purchasing the Apple products directly out right from Apple and choose a service provider of your choice and convenience. Of course it will not be a popular change for service providers but it will be an astonishing service for loyal Apple users.
Rumours about iPhone 7 Release Date and New Features to ExpectThere has been already a lot of rumours about iPhone 7 release date where we only had the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 plus options, you will be seeing a lot of images that iPhone 7 will look like or the n new features that can be experienced in the new iPhone 7. Although it has been only a short time for the recent releases the rumours never end so I decided to check what is going on out there or realistically what to expect from the new iPhone 7 presumed to be launched. The officially confirmation in relation to the storage boost has been daunting the thought that we might even get a better larger storage option but unfortunately that is not planned by Apple but the reason relying beneath is that iOS 9 will not require the boost of storage.