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Use a complex passcode to secure your iPhone or iPad A critical security feature everyone must have on their iPhone and iPad is a passcode. The passcode will protect your data from being accessed by intruders just in case you misplace your device or it got stolen, and at the same time it protects your vital information from individuals snooping around. You should know by now that you can easily set a 4-digit passcode that can be entered through the keypad of your device which is located on the lockscreen, however, this may not be enough. In order to strengthen the security of your device, Apple has decided to increase the number of digits on a typical passcode from 4 to 6 on the IOS 9 in order to make it even much harder for intruders to crack your passcode.
iOS 8.4 New Features and New Approach SummarizedApple officially just released the new update for the operating system and named it iOS 8.4, although it has been a while everyone has waited it just came on time and presented to all users with the new features on offer and many more. The most differentiated add on has been unarguably the Apple Music application and I will be listing the new features one by one for you below as follows;
iOS 8.4 with Apple music has been released We had been expecting the release of iOS 8.4 for some time and it was officially announced on 30 June and it was pretty much awaited by music lovers since this operating system allows music streaming at a different level with Apple Music. Music application has been lifted to a completely different design, with new mini player addition you can see what is playing and control the playback options while browsing in your collection lists. The favoured Up Next feature from iTunes 11 has been brought to iOS and that allows you to be informed what will be playing next from your Music Library.
iMessage not working issue on iPhone and iPad running on iOS 8 or iOS 7How irritating to see that iMessage on our device not functioning properly, although we are using alternatives such as WhatsApp or Viber or other applications but still some of us rely on iMessage on many things to keep in contact. We have been searching through options to fix it but have not found a particular reason to link it with in logical perspective, however trying all the options we listed the ones we had optimized results as follows
How to Disable or Remove the PPSync from your device after Jailbreaking with Pangu and the risks associated with itWe have recently discussed the mysterious check box that many users did not uncheck when jailbreaking their devices by using Pangu jailbreak for iOS 7.1.X, it does create some concerns on legitimacy and harmfulness of running it or even not removing it from your device since it will be available to download pirated applications to your device.
How to Put your Device in DFU Mode when your Home or  Power Button BrokenIf you have been experiencing problems about your home or power button, if they don’t work then you will have difficulty putting your device in DFU Mode. In order to resolve this issue iPhone Dev Team has released a new version of Redsn0w which enables you to put your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into DFU Mode without the need of home or power buttons.
How to Enable DFU Mode and What DFU Mode is used for ExplainedIn this section, we will be getting in to detail about DFU Mode where many jailbreakers hear this word and would like to recognize the difference and understand the functions of DFU Mode. DFU is an abbreviation stands for Device Firmware Upgrade, in jailbreaking community the functionality of DFU brings many advantages to the users, DFU mode allows devices to interface with iTunes without the need of loading the iOS operating system or boot loader, this is the main difference between the functions of recovery mode and DFU mode.
Changing the Root Passcode on Jailbroken iPhones and All DevicesChanging the passcode might be useful for you, all devices of Apple run on an operating system and similar to our desktop computers they also have administrator privileges, hackers can get access to the administrator accounts if you do not take the necessary steps to prevent this on your jailbroken device by changing the root passcode “Alpine”. It is very important and delaying the process will make your device vulnerable to attacks, very recently a lot of worm attacks has been detected and reported on jailbroken devices. On a non-jailbroken device entering the administrator account is not possible since no terminal access is possible or no console is involved in iPhones and they don’t run services such as SSH.
Most Essential Features to keep your iPhone SecureAs Apple responsible to keep iPhone secure by updating and fixing major security issues reported to the company there is nothing wrong by taking extra care to keep our iPhones safe as much as possible. Internet security is a significant concept in the cyber world we live in and improvements on the technology opens new doors to thieves and frauds, we have our identity on most of the daily things we use as our mail boxes, losing personal information can be disastrous and in order to prevent hackers stealing our identity by different methods there are simple cautions we can take.
What is Springboard?Springboard has been misdefined in some sources and lack of knowledge can lead to wrongly illustrated guidance, before attempting to make changes on your Springboard settings you need to know exactly what it is, some people think that springboard is the home screen of the iPhone, in fact it is an application used to control the user interface and the home screen.
Change the Icon Sizes on your Devices by using Icon Size Shrink TweakShrink tweak in Cydia allows you to change the size of icons on your home screen, if you think your icons appear too small or too big you can make changes to the size as you wish.
Change the Shape of Icons with Icon Masks TweakThis is a great feature, you can change the shape that icons appear on your home screen, making them star shape or triangles will give them a fashionable personal look, differentiated and fully customized to your choice, teardrops, circles etc.
How to Upgrade the Layout to Five Column in Springboard iPhoneWe have restrictions on our layout and it can be boring to use only 4 column layout, there are ways to change this around and even an additional column can be included on your iPhones home screen. Editing icons and fitting more than allowed 20 app icons will be a fun way to customize your iPhone home screen the way you want.
How to Customize Home Screen Folders in Springboard SettingsAgain we drag up the Control panel and tap Springboard Settings. We see the folder settings category near to the top of the list of categories. Folder settings are simple and allow useful variations on how folders behave and provides more options for organizing your apps.
Enabling Hidden Springboard Settings CategoriesAlthough we have indicated that many options in settings are obvious, there are some of them you may not be familiar prior using Springboard, we will take a closer look at some of them obscure settings.
Install and Use Hidden Springboard Settings Tweak in iOS 7Cydia developers have given us a great chance to access hidden Springboard settings in iOS 7 by offering us the tweak to install and make changes without the need of editing plist and edit internal iPhone files.