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Clash of Clans Game ReviewIn this wonderful game participants have to use teamwork, strategies and control an army. If you like these kind of strategic things then you should check this game out. As well as that, you need to be strong, there is no place for losers in Clash of Clans! In the most simpliest way we will look at how to play, be successful and what to do in this amazing game popular with everyone.
Despicable Me Minion Rush a Complete Gamers HitIf you are a fan of the minions and their amusements and you love running games then this is absolutely your game. Downloading as first stage gets you in the mood to adaptation to play as one of the cuddly minions to become the employee of the month or the year. Firstly, this game is really easy to play it’s just like Temple Run the gameplay has three lanes and shows similarities to all popular running games movements. To dodge the huge cars and the ice cream vans which spread a pungent vanilla smell on the roads you just swipe left and right reading is simple but you need to be a planner.