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The benefits of having using an online business directory to promote your companyLets take a look at the top 6 advantages of online directories for businesses and discover how they can work wonders for your company.
How to Set your Favourite Song as Ringtone of your iPhone without using iTunesIn the days we used to use a song as a ringtone the technology had been a lot more different than today but the changes not reflected on simple tasks as such; using a ringtone on your iPhone might be more complicated than it used be performed in the old days on your Nokia phone, interestingly using a favourite song as a ringtone is actually hassle to set up and not many people aware of how it is done, in this article we will be explaining how to set up your favourite song as your devices ringtone in the simpliest stages.
FILZA File Manager for iPhone, iPad or iPad TouchLatest updated version is 2.0.1 and FILZA file manager is one of the most powerful file manage app of all time. It is released by BigBoss and features are exceptionally useful for users to have many files managed and used successfully whether for business or entertainment purposes. You can explore files and folders on your device in list view or Grid view. The application supports many of the viewer apps such as media player, plist editor, hex editor, text editor to edit or view the files as you require.
Ways to Auto Hide or Show your iOS Menu Bar in the New OS X El Capitan One of the greatest things users should expect from the new OS X El Capitan OS is that it focuses more on fixing bugs and performances have been improved drastically. For instance, opening PDF files has increased by two times the previous speed, while launching Apps has increase by more than 1.5 times the previous speed. Aside the enhanced performance and bugs fixing , the new El Capitan has also brought some new and cool useful options such as auto-hiding and show for menu bar, just to name a few. This means the menu bar that appears at the top of the screen of your Mac device can now be hidden, and at the same time you can bring the menu bar back by simply moving the cursor to the top just the way the auto-hide features operates for the dock.
Passcode and Time screen can be merged with InstaCode TweakIf you have your passcode turned on, you will understand the frustration associated with sliding on your screen in order to get access to your phone’s passcode screen and then input your passcode just to unlock your device. The passcode screen unlocking is one of the steps considered by many as unnecessary because it wastes time. There is a new InstaCode tweak that has been introduced to resolve this problem and all it does is to merge your phone’s lock-screen page and this is the page that shows the clock music controls, date and passcode screen.
The most rated iPad presentation Apps for presentations and meetingsYour iPad could be your best gadget especially when making power point and keynote slides presentations in general consumers had the feeling that it is not for use of this purpose but that approach is changing rapidly. There are numerous applications to choose from with each having unique features to compare. Whether you are a higher education student or a business guru, here are some of the best apps you can use in your brainstorming sessions and significant meetings.
The best Inventory management apps on iPad for BusinessSmall and large businesses need to manage inventories, and when you are starting out, you probably don’t have enough money to spend on inventory management software. There are some amazing inventory management apps available on iPad thus there may not be a need to go for a full-featured inventory software until you expand your business. If you deal with lots of products and services, Inventory management could be a difficult task to handle. Having an iPad may be all you need to handle a management inventory like a professional and the top inventory apps are highlighted.
Steps to Un-install Boot Camp Installation of Windows 10 from your Mac deviceThe article will show you how you can uninstall Windows 10 that has been installed through a BootCamp technique. This method will also educate you how to try out some cool new features of Microsoft OS, if you have installed Windows 10 on your device. If you are facing problems similarly like many other Windows OS users, you should follow the procedures highlighted in this guidance to resolve such problems.
Manage your projects on the go with the best Project management apps for your iPadSmall, medium and large corporations consider effective project management as an essential part of their team performance. There are numerous project management apps that can allow project managers assign tasks to their team members and also track progress, make corrections and perform several other essential tasks. There are tons of apps on your iPad that can simplify your Project management tasks, and these apps are perfect for managing small teams but they can be extended to manage even more complicated projects, thus your chunky projects become better managed.
Step by step guide to install Windows 10 on your Mac deviceWindows 10 has been officially released for the public to download, and if you already have a copy to install on Windows 10, you may consider two options; You can install it through the use of a Virtualization program such as; OS X or Parallels, or simply use the BootCamp tool. The Virtualization program will allow you to run the Windows 10 OS on top of OS X just like you will run an app but the BootCamp simply partitions your hard drive in order to dual boot both the OS X and Windows 10.
How to Join OS X El Capitan Beta Seed Program: OS X El Capitan for your Mac Available NowApple lets users to test OS X El Capitan on their Macs before it is publicly released coming autumn and if you are a non-developer would like to test the program you need to sign up. The public test allowed by Apple similarly as it was tested in Yosemite last year has been announced in WWDC 2015 the new version of the Mac operating system OS X El Capitan free beta program is already live and you can easily download the beta version of this software by signing up. There are multiple versions still due to Apple engaged in eliminating bugs and glitches but the program will allow you to download and run the beta version of OS X 10.11, by downloading the beta version you can test the program and provide feedback to Apple to reach perfection before the update released publicly.
iOS 8.4 with Apple music has been released We had been expecting the release of iOS 8.4 for some time and it was officially announced on 30 June and it was pretty much awaited by music lovers since this operating system allows music streaming at a different level with Apple Music. Music application has been lifted to a completely different design, with new mini player addition you can see what is playing and control the playback options while browsing in your collection lists. The favoured Up Next feature from iTunes 11 has been brought to iOS and that allows you to be informed what will be playing next from your Music Library.
Pangu Download and InstallationThese are the links where you can download Pangu jailbreak tool. Please choose the appropriate one for your operating system. Pangu 8 v1.0.0 Download for MAC, Pangu 8 v1.2.1 Download for Windows, Pangu v1.2.1 Download for Windows, Pangu v1.2 Download for Windows, Pangu v1.2 Download for MAC, Pangu Download