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Best Cydia Sources Available for Games and HacksIf you love playing games on your devices and also you are selective and value the time you spare to play these games then you should be informed of all sources that might be a use for you and I will be listing them as to my best knowledge and there are others of course worth to look in detail and may be more search required as some of the legendary sources similar to ZodTTD is not well known actually very little is disclosed about them but their quality gamers hit iOS apps are very popular.
FILZA File Manager for iPhone, iPad or iPad TouchLatest updated version is 2.0.1 and FILZA file manager is one of the most powerful file manage app of all time. It is released by BigBoss and features are exceptionally useful for users to have many files managed and used successfully whether for business or entertainment purposes. You can explore files and folders on your device in list view or Grid view. The application supports many of the viewer apps such as media player, plist editor, hex editor, text editor to edit or view the files as you require.
Best Cydia Sources listed for Free Apps and TweaksWe are all interested in free apps and tweaks available to us in Cydia to improve functions and visualise our iOS devices, I would like to discuss top 5 sources in Cydia which does offer free apps and tweaks. As you will be going ahead of downloading process I have to remind you that purpose of cracked apps is offering the apps for test by users of iPhone, iPad Air or iPod Touch before purchasing the app. The recommendation is to buy the app from Cydia App Store or OpenAppMkt if you liked the apps and found them functioning without any bugs and issues as their description.
Lockspeed Tweak makes your favourite contacts reachable instantly by a swipeLockspeed tweak is amazing with the feature that is making life much easier for many of us, it basically surpasses the simple process of unlock the home screen with a passcode then respectively enter to Contacts app to choose whom you would like to call and then function the call to your destination, is does sound a long process and although we probably perform this a lot of times awareness is not actually there.
Sicarius Cydia tweak adds 3D Animation, to Respring from App switcher and Kill All Apps features Sicarius is a great tweak that brought 3 dimensional animations to your functions on home screen, it modifies the operating systems multitasking switcher by allowing the user to kill all apps and respring the device easily. The advanced feature of ^D animations can be more definable as you scroll through the app preview screen to either kill them all or to choose which one to keep, in Sicarius the tweak lets users to kill all applications running on the device by swiping up on the home screen as soon as all apps are killed and no longer in process of iOS then another swipe up on the home screen will respring the device.
Segue Tweak for photo organisersSegue Tweak had been released by makers of Photo Organiser 7 that many users appreciated. By using Segue you can add customizable slideshow animations to your Photos application. Transition effects vary from documented and undocumented ones and there are two transition effects that had given us a recognisable memory, they are called cameralsis and pageCurl.
Activator By Ryan PetrichThe beautiful tweak that most users have rated one of the best called Activator had been released by Ryan Petrich, I am personally a follower of Ryan Petrich and do like his work very creative and impressive if I would categorize to make a general comment but today I would like to get into detail about the tweak Activator and mean time we can evaluate how the reflection of tweaks felt by users.
SBSettings allows faster accessibility to settings and allow rearranging the togglesSBSettings has been released such a long time ago and it is still one of the best Cydia App to add toggles of your choice to your home screen status bar. The most useful feature that SBSettings associated with can also be explained as ability to hide applications that are impossible to uninstall by default settings of devices, more precisely the apps such as Stocks, Weather or Music.
Jailbreaking iOS 8.4 on Mac with the TaiG tool Jailbreakers on iOS always look forward to updates in Jailbreak, and the TaiG tool is one of the updates that can be used to jailbreak on iOS 8.4. The TaiG is quite popular among users of iPhone, and with this tool, you can actually jailbreak on any iDevice. Just before you jailbreak on your device, make sure you backup your data on iCloud or iTunes. Jailbreakers will always want a smooth jailbreak procedure but it is also important not to take chances with important data that can be lost. If you are using the IOS 9 Beta, you will have to downgrade it to 8.3 or 8.4 before you can use the TaiG tool to jailbreak.
Auxo 3  Review and more detailed information on the popular tweak new version 1.1.Auxo 3 has been recently launched as an upgraded version of well known popular Auxo tweak, although reviews about Auxo 3 version 1.1 has been very positive there is still room for improvement. The most effective improvement shown on the Auxo 3 version 1.1 is the increased responsiveness of the programme as requested by users.
Direct download of Vine videos to your iPhone Camera Roll with Vine releasedVine is a joyful video sharing and socialising application we are familiar of for some time already and seeing that Vine++ has released given us more satisfaction since it has quite different features compared to the older version.
Virtual Home 8 well known Touch ID tweak for iOS 8 provides Home button of your device a breakVirtual Home has been very popular since it was the first known tweak for Touch ID for our devices and the developed versions for iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 has also followed the launch of the upgraded operating systems of Apple.
The 50 Must Have Best Rated iOS 8 Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks for 2015In this article we tried choosing the best 50 jailbreak applications and tweaks for your iOS 8 operated iPhone, in a short period of time from release of the iOS 8 we have been offered the jailbreaks from TaiG and Pangu. They both allowed us to follow the upgrades of iOS and updates with option to jailbreak while using the latest operating system.
How to Customize Home Screen Folders in Springboard SettingsAgain we drag up the Control panel and tap Springboard Settings. We see the folder settings category near to the top of the list of categories. Folder settings are simple and allow useful variations on how folders behave and provides more options for organizing your apps.
Enabling Hidden Springboard Settings CategoriesAlthough we have indicated that many options in settings are obvious, there are some of them you may not be familiar prior using Springboard, we will take a closer look at some of them obscure settings.
iKeywi 3 Tweak to Supercharge your iPhone KeyboardiKeywi 3 is a new tweak for jailbroken iPhone and iPod devices enables users to adapt the touch keyboard to their own preferences with full customization by adding many new features to your general keyboard. iKeywi 3 tweak allows users to add variety of functions to stock keyboard, with general process users required to download a third-party keyboard from the application store.