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OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 Released by Apple with new fixes for Office 2016, Emoji and MailApple released Betas for OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 for the last few weeks as Cupertino Company’s latest desktop software, perfection and minimalized issues were the focus point for the developers and they added new features by patches presented. Official release of OS X 10.11.1 publicly took p[lace on 21 October 2015, the new desktop software has been building up in Betas, although it is not a major update from its base development performance enhancements and bug fixes were the main priorities. The released version also includes support for the latest Unicode and Emoji characters such as taco or middle finger in today’s conversations being used a s part of a daily accepted reflection of agreements and settlements in dialogs.
Apple Supports Dropbox against Controversial Cybersecurity BillThe news about Apple joining Dropbox to fight against the cybersecurity bill has become tremendously evolving to the software industry giants; the company has not stepped back from their initial claims of protection on users’ privacy. The cyber bill can basically provide a huge power for U.S Government to monitor citizens under the general claim of providing protection against hackers which is unacceptable since the current claims in CISA proposal will be another form of fully monetarized personal lives of us. Apple has stated to Washington Post that they do not currently support the CISA proposal and the trust of customers mean all to them and they do not believe the security should come at the price of their privacy.
Apple Prevents Users by Blocking unsafe Flash Plug-ins in SafariMac OS X Users would be seeing a message displayed on their screen stating that Adobe Flash Player is out of date after implementation of precautions in relation to Abode Flash Player Plug ins claimed to have critical vulnerability for safety of users. Adobe provides information that the work continues on the vulnerability but for the time being it can cause crash on the systems device meaning another force to take control of your personal information and simply your device.
New Apple Magic Mouse with NO Batteries ReleasedBest update in six years can be defined to happen to Apple Mouse after all updates we have experienced in Macs, iPhones, IPad or iPods. Apple have finally taken the step to renew its mouse and made it outstanding, truly compelling.The latest version had been released in 2009, elegance and sleek design had gathered a lot of attention from all Apple fans but apart from the little scrolling ball feature and the distinctive sleek apple design that we are used to by now it did not bring additional features, but today’s Apple mouse seems entirely different and that has been very good news.
Next Generation iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and Features Offered to UsersApple launched their new iPhones 6s and 6s plus on 25th of September 2015, they are the newest iPhones on the market with new camera and many other improvements we will study, pre-order facility for shoppers have been available on 12th of September 2015 to prevent the queuing up in stores and have certainty on your order to be in stock when you make the reservation online.
The Best new Apple TV apps confirmedApple store is a wonderful addition to the new Apple TV, and the new addition will definitely make Apple TV even become more functional. Here are some of the confirmed apps for the Apple TV before it is officially released in October 2015. Aside the new apps to be released, there are quite a number of several other apps on Apple’s consumer’s wish lists. Some of the new products announced recently are the new iPhone 6s and 6plus that will come with live photos and 3D Touch alongside the new super-size iPad Pro , new iPad Mini and the ultimate new Apple TV.
How to Hide Apple Music on your iPad, iPhone or iPodApple Music is widely accepted all around the world, and you might be one of those who signed up for a period of free trial, but you may feel like the app is not the best for you. If you want to get rid of this app, then there is a way you can hide it but you can’t get rid of it forever. Here are some simple steps you can take in hiding the Apple music app on your device.
Deleting Time Machine Backups on Your Mac DeviceWhen your Mac Hard drive is full of data and that is affecting its speed then you should consider a Spring clean-up. If you are using the Time Machine to create backup for your device, then you may probably delete junk files manually, however you can get some inspiration by using some simple backup deleting steps in order to create more space on the device.In some cases, your Time Machine may send an error notification that the Backup could not completed by the Time machine”, or backup disk cannot contain the large size of the backup, or “an AA GB is required but it is not available”. The reason for these error messages could be any of the factors highlighted below however one thing remains; the junk old files can be removed from your Time machine to free more space and that also means you can create a new backup. You can follow these simple steps in deleting Time Machine Backups on your Mac device.
Ways to Auto Hide or Show your iOS Menu Bar in the New OS X El Capitan One of the greatest things users should expect from the new OS X El Capitan OS is that it focuses more on fixing bugs and performances have been improved drastically. For instance, opening PDF files has increased by two times the previous speed, while launching Apps has increase by more than 1.5 times the previous speed. Aside the enhanced performance and bugs fixing , the new El Capitan has also brought some new and cool useful options such as auto-hiding and show for menu bar, just to name a few. This means the menu bar that appears at the top of the screen of your Mac device can now be hidden, and at the same time you can bring the menu bar back by simply moving the cursor to the top just the way the auto-hide features operates for the dock.
Hiding Folder Labels on your iOS Device without Jailbreak You will always want to keep things simple on your IOS device especially when you are a minimalist, and that is why you should consider some simple tricks of hiding folder labels on your device. The simple trick will help you create new folders on your device without attaching labels to them. With the new trick there will be no labels on your icons, likewise they will have no names especially on the top of the folder screen as well as the homescreen icon. In order to achieve this, you will need a simple app from the Apple store and that app is located in the Apple store food category- the popular Zamato app for instance can be used in hiding Folder labels.
Enabling Night Mode on your iOS 9 Safari’s Reader ViewThe Reader view remains one of the most useful components of Apple’s web browser, and the new Safari 9.0 has been introduced to take the feature to the next level. The new Safari 9.0 is designed with OS X, and the reader view can be used as both a desktop or a mobile app and one of the things it does is to streamline the reading experience of the user by hiding distracting components such as sidebar, ads and templates. For this reason, the new Safari 9 offers more power to the reader view and more importantly, the Night mode feature has been brought into the app- an important feature for those who enjoy reading where bright white colours can be a problem or when they are in bed.
The new Always Forward WatchOS Notification Tweaks will take care of your messages on Apple WatchIf you use Apple watch on regular base, you definitely remember that it will only send notification for messages at what time your iPhone has been locked. Your message will not show up if on the wearable device if your iPhone is still in use or wide open under any circumstance. With the invention of the new Forward/WatchOS/Notification Tweaks, the problem of not getting message notifications when your iPhone is unlocked , has been take care of, therefore every notice you get will be displayed immediately regardless of whether your iPhone is protected or not switched on.
Steps to Un-install Boot Camp Installation of Windows 10 from your Mac deviceThe article will show you how you can uninstall Windows 10 that has been installed through a BootCamp technique. This method will also educate you how to try out some cool new features of Microsoft OS, if you have installed Windows 10 on your device. If you are facing problems similarly like many other Windows OS users, you should follow the procedures highlighted in this guidance to resolve such problems.
Manage your projects on the go with the best Project management apps for your iPadSmall, medium and large corporations consider effective project management as an essential part of their team performance. There are numerous project management apps that can allow project managers assign tasks to their team members and also track progress, make corrections and perform several other essential tasks. There are tons of apps on your iPad that can simplify your Project management tasks, and these apps are perfect for managing small teams but they can be extended to manage even more complicated projects, thus your chunky projects become better managed.
Step by step guide to install Windows 10 on your Mac deviceWindows 10 has been officially released for the public to download, and if you already have a copy to install on Windows 10, you may consider two options; You can install it through the use of a Virtualization program such as; OS X or Parallels, or simply use the BootCamp tool. The Virtualization program will allow you to run the Windows 10 OS on top of OS X just like you will run an app but the BootCamp simply partitions your hard drive in order to dual boot both the OS X and Windows 10.
New Astonishing Features to be in iPhone 7Apple Sim what a perfect idea for Apple users to have a pre-installed sim card in products, we all had the experience of discomfort to change sim card in an Apple product at one time through our usage, the mechanism is very delicate and procedure discourages us to make this simple change, I ultimately prefer to keep the same sim in my iPhone for this reason, whether it is iPhone or and iPad idea of having pre-installed sim card is great. In iPhone 7 we expect the new age to start with Apple products to have a pre-installed sim card. This will make a huge change for users since they will be allowed to sign up for a service carrier that is participating and without long contracts users will be able to switch from one provider to another. In my opinion that will also bring more competition to the service providers and users will be purchasing the Apple products directly out right from Apple and choose a service provider of your choice and convenience. Of course it will not be a popular change for service providers but it will be an astonishing service for loyal Apple users.